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Passionate Angel

May 27, 2020

My passion with the paranormal started I can remember back as early as 4 years old and seeing an angel outside my window. Then in college unfortunately a boyfriend died . For 3 nights after I’d awaken to a white opaque mist like figure preventing me from getting up . I was frantically trying to turn on the light. I was so loud I woke up my roommate who also saw it. The funeral was 3 days later and it didn’t happen again after that . That goes along with the school of thought that the light to crossover is available for 3 days.

I have the utmost respect for all my clients in body or in spirit & make it a point always in my investigations as to whether they would like to crossover. I call upon the archangels Michael, Raphael , Azrael who is the archangel of death. He assists the spirits crossing over & comforts the grieving left here on earth. Of course I call on Jesus, God & sometimes Mother Mary.

I consider it a privilege to be able to do this & hopefully bring peace & comfort to not only my clients but the spirits as well.

I’ve dealt with everything from spirits, evil spirits, demonic to even a case involving an elemental spirit a dwarf to be specific. This case is still ongoing & is proving to be very difficult.

I am an intuitive, an empath & recently discovered that I have some mediumship capabilities. Who knew lol. I spend a lot of my free time working on advancing my gifts so as to make me able to service everyone better.

I started 2 companies with the thought that together they would have the possibility of helping everyone no matter how close I was in proximity to the clients.?

The first is S.P.I.R.I.T. ( Supernatural Paranormal Investigations &! Research in Texas ) I service up to 2 hours outside of the Houston Texas area. I’ve been in the industry for approx 14 years & like to specialize in cleansings which I cater & develop to every individual case as well as being extremely knowledgeable about protection.

S.P.I.R.I.T. takes pride in their work & I value integrity & character above everything else. Investigations are technology-based with state of the art scientific equipment. I also feel it’s crucial to approach each case from a scientific research and practical point of view, eliminating all other explanations for reported activity. My first priority is my clients & their welfare. I am there every step of the way until the the client feels safe and their home is restored to one of peace. I do not charge for my services; however, I do ask that questionnaires are filled out as truthfully & thoroughly as possible. The information given allows me to know what I need in order to efficiently/effectively investigate, be safe, and cleanse the home. I have a strict policy of anonymity- nothing regarding client’s identity will ever be disclosed unless given permission.

I need to reiterate that our services are always free. Your satisfaction & peaceful happiness is all we ask.Helping earthbound is spirits cross over is a part of our regiment.​

We invite the clients to participate in the cleansings as they need to take back their home from the activity & entities. We do generally ask, unless there’s a specific reason, that children have alternate plans during the investigations & cleansing. There are a lot of instances where they are the target of attacks and we do not want to traumatize them or make them fearful.

My other company is Paranormal Angel Spiritual Cleansing Kits. I started this so I could reach folks in need who are not in my jurisdiction & are suffering from negativity & paranormal activity. Again anonymity is very important. My kits are very affordable & each kit is created with intuitiveness, empathy as well as the paranormal issues. Paranormal Angel Spiritual Cleansing Kits goal is to rid the customer of negativity or oppression. I want to empower them through education & my kits to make their house a home filled with love , peace & positivity. I’ve been a paranormal investigator & cleanser for over 14 years. Through experience & Research I’ve learned a lot over the years & live to give that passion & knowledge to my customers. There’s folks out there who are suffering in silence because they don’t know where to turn & don’t have access to someone such as myself. My kits filled w/ Cleansing materials, easy, explicit instructions, protection crystals protection prayers, Saint Benedict medals, Frankincense incense , & much more as well as a plethora of research that should help you for instance charge & cleanse your crystals & much more.


Education equals Empowerment! Spiritual Cleansing Kits have a lot of information in their kits. Let us help empower you to make your house a peaceful home once again.

I consider myself an incredibly lucky person. I get to combine my most important passions the paranormal, helping people & spirits, most of all meeting them. I feel truly blessed.

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