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Nov 8, 2021

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HEY EVERYBODY this is Praharsha, a normal yet a very curious 18 year old trying to find the meaning of life, a purpose to work on and in this series of blogs I'd like to share some major learnings in my pursuit of finding a purpose and happiness. lets go back to when I was 16 years old I've got this dream just like almost all other high schoolers in India to get into India's best college THE IIT. this was the ultimate goal for me, I thought getting into IIT will solve all my problems, I was only concentrating on the outputs which led me into lot of mental strain because the final output introduced me the reality of the competitive world. Reality always contains more than language can express, Language is partial; Reality is whole. I didn't make it, yet I'd not like to call myself a failure cause if it weren't for this failure I wouldn't have become a wiser version of me.

This failure helped me get out of my fictional world where everything's under control and everything turns out as I wanted it to.

                 The outputs were just the results of PASSIVE THINKING. a passive thinker is only drawn to the outputs not the inputs. a passive thinker just jumps to the conclusions cause the process and making systems is just too painful they don't realise the fact that anything worthwhile is always painful.

   ***the desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one's negative experience is itself a positive experience***

A CRITICAL THINKER is focussed on inputs, process and they create systems not goals. critical thinkers are deeper learners and do not depend on the ideas and values of others, they are empathetic, creative and rational decision makers, Quality thinkers are critical thinkers they only function through logic, data and evidence.


it doesn't mean that after reading this blog you'll just evolve into a critical thinker it's rather a gradual process. you can just start trying to be a critical thinker cause making the call is making progress. and let me help you with that

                            TRAITS OF A CRITICAL THINKER

1.Open and fair mindedness



4.A propensity to seek a reason

5.A desire to be well informed

6.A respect for and willingness to entertain diverse view points

7.Don't fall into the trivialities trap think of those things that really matters, things that make difference.

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