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Cosmetic Iris Implants Carry Risk of Permanent Eye Damage

May 5, 2021

Eyes are one of the most noticeable parts of our bodies. Also eyes color plays a big role in a culture of “romance”, when people praise dark brown, sea blue and emerald green eyes.

That is why many people are really concerned about their eye color and dream of changing it. Recently colorful contact licenses were extremely popular. However, they can change your eye color only temporary

The permanent change of eyes’ color was not possible until recent times, so know there is a procedure that allows you to obtain the desirable eye color as well as various eyes’ diseases that cause serious damages to the eyes.

As know it is iris that is responsible for our eye color. So now there are iris implants that are proclaimed to be absolutely. But statistics as well as researches show the opposite. There are many cases when patients lost their eye color in both eyes almost completely, experienced an unbearable light sensitivity and even eyesight loss.

The procedure
The local anesthesia is done. Than an implant is formed from silicone of the size of your iris. The small cut is done on your cornea and the implant is inserted.

Possible complications

•partial or complete blindness



•injury to cornea


According to statistics 9 of 14 patients who underwent the procedure need the implants to be removed because of the complications. The removal requires the additional procedure that has its risks of damaging eyes too.

Nowadays the procedure is approved almost nowhere in the world. That is why in the US for example people travel to Panama to undergo the procedure.

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