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Mar 29, 2018

Tracy Campbell
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During your reception of psychic information and guidance, you may have detected an energy disturbance in the overall energy field of your patient. A global disturbance in energy flow is one where the entire energy field of the patient is disrupted and in which the overall energy flow in the aura is erratic and uneven. This condition is often of a transient (non-lasting) nature, but it is detrimental to the energetic health of the patient and can be treated using the Star on the 7th chakra in a specific manner. To correct the energy flow in your patient:

Sit or kneel at the head of your patient so that your shoulders are approximately at the level of the patient’s head. Facing the crown of your patient’s head in this way, hold your hands out in front of you such that your fingers are slightly curved, but with palms open, and with palms facing away from you towards the head and body of the patient. Place your fingertips on the crown of the patient’s head, your thumbs pointing down, palms facing directly towards the patient’s body (and away from you), but palms not touching the head surface. There should be about a two-inch gap between the fingertips of one hand and the fingertips of the other.

Now visualize the Star while sending energy towards the entire body of the patient. Energy will flow from your palms as well as from your fingertips, even though the palms are not contacting the body surface. While you are visualizing the Star and sending the energy, at the same time visualize, intend and sense a smoothing of the entire energy field into a harmonious flow. Try to merge with, and become, the flow of energy in the patient’s field, as you practice this position and this technique. “See,” in your mind’s eye, the energy correcting to a harmonious, even pattern throughout the field—become this smooth, even flow. Send forth the energy for 1 to 2 minutes in this manner as you perform this visualization of the Star and a smooth, even energy flow. Having your eyes closed may make this visualization easier to practice, at first, but you should then acquire the ability to perform this technique with the eyes open.

The Star has the ability to act as a channel to draw energy from a higher realm into this world. A visualization of the Star, combined with a visualization of a smooth, harmonious energy flow in the field of the patient, acts to focus this higher energy into the energy field of the patient, through the 7th chakra (which also corresponds to this higher realm), and provide a large and powerful correction of energy flow in the entire field.

Localized Correction of Energy Flow:

It is possible that an energy disturbance may be localized in a certain area of the body, rather than all over the body. Often, but not always, this will be located somewhere over the torso (between shoulders and hips). You may have detected this intuitively or visually. In this case, employ the hand position above, and while visualizing the Star also see, intend and sense, in your mind’s eye, the energy in that area smoothed and flowing evenly. Visualize yourself as merging with the energy flow that moves in an incorrect direction or unsmoothly, and then visualize the flow as moving the proper way. Perform the procedure on the entire body, but focus especially on the troubled area, by performing this visualization as you send forth the energy from your palms to the body of the patient.

by Chios Healing

Tracy Campbell

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