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Core Spirit Is Now Valued At £5 Million, Thanks to Its Latest Round of Funding
Jul 8, 2021

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Core Spirit successfully raised angel investement and is now valued at £5 million. With global significance and key professional partnerships already secured, additional capital will support the company's efforts to release innovative features, increase performance, and grow its team in a number of key departments.

“This funding milestone is uplifting and worth celebrating but at same time it is only another step within my overall long-term vision of Core Spirit becoming a leader for a global market estimated in the trillions of dollars for annual spending." said Core Spirit's founding CEO.

In less than 4 years of being on the market the Core Spirit platform has been globally recognized with thousands of world’s top individual practitioners, professional organization and research institutes joining the platform on its mission for human and planetary enhancement.

Additionally there is now a mobile app version of Core Spirit being developed for Android, iOS and Windows devices. With more than 100,000 active users currently accessing the Core Spirit platform every month, there are significant opportunities for continued new customer adoption.

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