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Consciousness inside spiritual universe

Oct 7, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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I recognise many forms of consciousness. Moreover, they all have a common shared basic concept. Regarding being human, I recognise a vegetative-, an animalistic-, a humane-, a universal consciousness and many other forms.

Where now a consciousness a realised presence, by a conscious knowledge,

is. Such a conscious knowing is realised by an impact of identification.

Now appears:

A vegetative consciousness, because a spiritual plant identified itself as a material plant.

An animalistic consciousness, because a spiritual animal identified itself as a material animal.

A humane consciousness, because a spiritual humane identified himself as material human being.

A humane human-consciousness, because a spiritual humane human identified himself as a material humane human.

A humane person-consciousness, because a spiritual humane person identified himself as a material humane person.

A humane personality-consciousness, because a spiritual humane personality identified himself as a material humane personality.

An earth-consciousness, because the spiritual earth identified herself as a material earth.

A sun-consciousness, because the spiritual sun identified herself as a material sun.

A star-consciousness, because spiritual stars identified themselves as material stars.

A comet-consciousness, because spiritual comets identified themselves as material comets.

A planet-consciousness, because the spiritual planets identified themselves as material planets.

A galaxy-consciousness, because the spiritual galaxies identified themselves as material galaxies.

A black-hole-consciousness, because the spiritual black holes identified themselves as material black holes.

The above-described forms of consciousness are present inside the 4% known matter and energy.

A dark material un-consciousness, because the spiritual dark matter identified itself as material dark matter.

The here described forms of consciousness, present as unconscious for humanity, are present inside this 26% unknown, unconscious bipolar matter.

A dark energetic un-consciousness, because this dark spiritual energy identified itself as dark energy.

This described consciousness, present as unconscious for humanity, is present as 70% dark energy.

All these selves of forms of consciousness have their individual qualities.

They base all on spiritual thinking, spiritual sensing and spiritual feeling.

For this, on the line describing the cosmological model must be said many words for clarifying.

There also is a basic principle: By identification healing appears.


                                                                    Healing is identification.

One form of consciousness is missing here: This spiritual universal consciousness.

Is this universal consciousness now a collection of all forms of these individual consciousnesses, as how I present them here?

Alternatively, is present by its individual consciousness, coined by its own spirituality?

I realise that this will be clarified by walking the line of describing and therefore becomes perceivable and conscious.

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