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Connecting with Your Affirmations to Recreate Your World
Mar 29, 2018

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As you are now practicing keeping your positive attitude by being mindful of your thoughts as explored last month, you should be seeing results. Are you continuing to start the day in a positive manner? Do you remind yourself throughout the day of your goal and the vibration and emotions that go with them? Are you taking time to pray and listen to the soft, quiet voice inside?

There are some other ways to get your conscious and unconscious minds to work with the Higher Self and the Divine if your thoughts are still a program of fear, doubt and negativity, so that you can get deeper results on a more Divine and loving path…for the betterment of yourself and others!

When your inner programming and habits are filled with fear, doubt, anxiety, thoughts of lack or cynicism, unforgiveness, and only gain, your life will be filled with limitation, lack, tension, hard work, worry and an overall experience of expecting negative outcomes. If those are your inner thoughts, those are the vibrations you are sending out to the universe, even if you really want something better for yourself and your loved ones. And, the Divine universe will respond by giving you more of that. The Divine universe always gives you what you are subconsciously programming for yourself.

Usually, these programs were written when you were young, or, if you had what you considered to be a traumatic incident. As these programs are more deeply connected with your emotional state at the time, they tend to be even more deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind and may need extra assistance to be reprogrammed into how you really want to experience your world; to experience your world from a happy, connected and joyful adult rather than a child who has to figure out a way to survive, or even how to have a new pattern of thoughts/behaviors/feelings than either of your parents. (Your main templates for the programming you have now.)

Start with focusing on the proverbial ‘silver lining’ if you have a negative thought. There is a reason this is a tried and true phrase. By seeking to find the good, peace, harmony and connection with the Divine, you are accepting them, claiming them, and your subconscious will get the new programming while the Divine brings you more of that! Look for the changes in your life, in your outlook, in your enjoyment of life, your loved ones and friends.

Affirmations are also terrific! Not just any affirmations. There is a technique to developing and using affirmations that is most beneficial. Of course, the more you repeat your affirmations, the deeper they go from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind. Yet, do you know the best times to say affirmations? As soon as you wake-up in the morning, and are nice and drowsy… the subconscious mind is still close to the surface of your conscious mind. You can say your affirmations just before or after deeply breathing, and then say your gratitudes.

Another time is when you are…. wait for it…. drowsy and just going to sleep! Again, your subconscious mind is near the surface of your conscious mind and will accept your affirmations even more readily and deeply. Not only that, your subconscious mind will repeat the affirmations all night long! How wonderful is that! Easy peasy!

If you want to repeat your affirmations during the day, get into a relaxed state of mind and then say them. I suggest you keep your affirmations fairly short and simple. For example: “I have perfect health, peace and abundance.” See yourself as having perfect health, peace and abundance. Feel yourself having perfect health, peace and abundance. Connect the emotions of happiness that you feel while having perfect health, peace and abundance. Say the same affirmation for 20 minutes. (It’s also a wise idea to say your affirmation for 20 minutes in the morning and evening!)

When you do the above, you deeply connect with your affirmations, feeling the connection with the Divine and the gratitude you have trusting your affirmations; and you are already fulfilled. In this way, you can literally recreate your life to a life of joy and happiness by learning to use the power of your mind and the Divine connection!

by Miche Lame’ For Body Spirit Guide

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