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Climate Vision 2050 Podcast focuses on solutions

Feb 12, 2023
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The evidence mounts about the damaging effects of climate change and the continued burning of fossil fuels. New studies released just last week revealed that air pollution can cause mental depression, as well as generalized anxiety.

But you know what's heating up as fast as our Earth's atmosphere? Climate change podcasts. They grow in number every day as Arizona towns lose access to water, glaciers melt like ice cream on a summer day, and carbon dioxide from fossil fuel emissions wraps us in a humid, sweaty blanket.

Some notable podcasts include A Matter Of Degrees, Breaking Down: Collapse, Drilled, and The Carbon Copy.

Yet many of these podcasts address climate change from the gloominess of the looming Apocalypse. Cities boil, fresh water becomes liquid gold, and humans swelter and suffer. These visions, while dark and foreboding, are entirely accurate.

But how about a climate change podcast that addresses the crisis from a fresh perspective? That's the genius of a new podcast, Climate Vision 2050.

*Climate Vision 2050 transports listeners 30 years into the future to show how the world radically reduced carbon emissions and saved itself from climate catastrophe. This show offers a creative approach to talking about climate, getting into technical solutions without losing the beauty of an engaging, immersive narrative.

The podcast was developed and produced by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which is the sunlight in the darkness of consulting created by the machinations of the McKinsey Company. Founded in 1963, BCG promotes itself this way: "We work closely with clients to embrace a transformational approach aimed at benefiting all stakeholders—empowering organizations to grow, build sustainable competitive advantage, and drive positive societal impact."

To maintain the illusion that it's 2050, BCG has created a 2050 podcast host, Mutinta Banda. In reality, Banda from 2050 is Atibo Onen of today, who has an unlikely set of skills -- successful Financial Controller and talented voice-over artist.

Banda excels as the imaginary 2050 narrator, exuding sincerity, credibility, and believability.

In the first three episodes, we are transported to the future and hear what it would be like:

If air travel was made more eco-friendly

If wind energy was harnessed to its fullest potential

If a city was powered entirely by renewable energy while also addressing poverty and inequality

The storytelling truly paints a picture of a bright and promising future, but this work of imagination is not fantasy. The stories told, and the progress described in the show are achievable within the next 30 years. This is a show of hope and possibility, where you get to learn about actual solutions that could make meaningful and sustainable progress against an existential threat.

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