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CBD Edibles vs Vaping: What you need to know
Oct 31, 2019

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The ability of CBD to deliver numerous health benefits no longer remains an ancient herbal secret. With the rage of cannabis wave and shift of perspectives towards the plant, it is becoming a mutual benefit for consumers and manufacturers. There are now substitutes to the smoking pot trend to experience the elation. Among all the methods of consuming cannabis, inhalation, and ingestion are the most preferred methods.

For those, wondering which method of use that would deliver a much enjoyable experience, read on to simplify your doubt. Also, this article will focus on CBD and not THC, which does not cause mind-altering effects. The effects here imply CBD therapeutic benefits on health, such as relief from pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

Vaping CBD

Vaping is a no smoke form of inhalation without the harshness of your lungs. The upgraded version of smoking is a judicious way of consuming CBD, and its onset takes place seconds after inhaling. The effects’ duration will be at its peak for 30 minutes and gradually decrease in a few hours.

Process: The vaping process involves heating the CBD vape oil to a temperature until the releases vapor. There is no combustion of any matter and hence does not produce any smoke. Vape pen vaporizers produce the humidified water that offers a soothing and calming experience to the user. Unlike smoking, it is not dry and irritating.

The vaporizers contain a central heating item that heats the CBD matter (oil, wax, shatter, and dab) to a definite temperature (350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit). An atomizer vaporizes CBD creating the vapor which you inhale into your lungs. The cannabinoids enter into your lungs then goes directly into the bloodstream, causing an immediate effect.

Precautions: CBD vaping offers the user to choose from different e-juice flavors. It is essential to find the right device that does not overheat the matter. Also, you should find a non-toxic flavoring CBD liquid. If you have found a reputable source to get your cartridges and oils, you are safe. Stay away from chemical solvents and low-quality products. Visit the website of any seller to verify their authenticity. Reading consumer feedback can help you decide.

CBD Edibles

Edibles are the infusion of CBD compound into solid foods or liquids. The onset of CBD edibles takes about 15 minutes and lasts up to 2 hours depending upon individual metabolism, and potency. Ingesting CBD on an empty stomach can accelerate absorption, but that is not ideal. The effects of these methods last for up to 4-6 hours. If the doses are high, there are chances the result will stay for over 24 hours.

Process: The process of ingestion allows the product to go through the digestive system, and the liver metabolizes the compound. The entire route of reaching the brain tissues takes time. The chemical compound takes the course of the liver to reach the cells and produce its unique effects.

Edibles come in an array of options like gummies, candies, chocolates, brownies. You can infuse CBD with classic drinks like tea, coffee, and soda. Interestingly, you can prepare your CBD edible with any food item you think it can blend well. But be mindful of the dose you take. It will be beneficial if you check the CBD reviews that you are looking to buy before making any purchase.

Precautions: Due to the late start in showing effects, users tend to ingest supplementary portions, thinking the previous dose was not enough. The overdose can result in dizziness the next day. If you wish to grow your cannabis plant indoor/outdoor, check this article out to gather some preliminary ideas on CBD cultivation. Before that, make sure your state legally allows growing the herb.

Advantages and Limitations of Inhaling and Ingesting: A comparison

Advantages of Vaping

CBD enters the bloodstream fast (30 seconds or less) providing rapid relief.

It can alleviate panic attacks, pain outbreaks quickly.

Vaping has higher bioavailability (50%-60%), which means your body gets higher attainability of molecules.

Vaporizers are portable, making it convenient for you to carry during travels.

It doesn’t emit a strong smell or harsh smoke.

You can control the dose of CBD oil.

Limitations of Vaping

These include more or less the carefulness in usage from your end. Nowadays the availability of vaping gear is not an issue you can find a vape pen on sale.

You should know the techniques of handling the device and the right temperature of heating the e-juice.

Those with lung conditions should be careful of over inhaling.

CBD is not addictive, but some like to vape continuously throughout the day leading to an overdose.

Advantages of Edibles

It has long-lasting effects, from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Easy to prepare and mix with any food product.

Edibles are a good alternative to inhaling toxins. Check it out here to find out if marijuana seeds can also be an edible option.

Since it lasts long, people with chronic conditions like headaches, migraines, arthritis can gain good relief.

Gummies have a longer shelf life.

Limitations of Edibles

Mild drowsiness, if you take a high dose.

You have to wait for some time to gain benefits.

It goes through your digestive system, and individual metabolism will influence how your body absorbs the compounds.


The CBD consumption method will depend on whether your purpose is medical or recreational. If it is to cure a severe health concern, visit your doctor first to get the stamp of approval from an expert. You can try both vaping and edible to see for yourself what works and what doesn’t. Self-exploration is the best way to realize it.

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