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Feb 17 2021
Sprint Relay

The point of the 4 x 100 meters run transfer is, with the help of four competitors, to convey a twirly doo (30 cm long, 13 cm in perimeter and no under 50grms in weight) around 400 meters as fast as could be expected.


The guidelines of tran…

Feb 24 2021
Running And Tokyo Marathon

Running, foot racing over an assortment of distances and courses, and numbering among the most famous games in essentially all occasions and places. Present-day serious running reaches from (runs), with their accentuation on persistent rapid, to tiresome …

Kori Miller
Apr 4 2018
The Future Will Run on Algae

In the 20th century, oil was black gold. But as we march deeper into the 21st century, we could have a lucrative new fuel on our hands. One that’s blue-green and sometimes a little smelly. It’s found in wastewater, but it’s capable of powering jets. Let’s…

Marta Page
Mar 5 2018
Run Walk Talk: The Psychotherapist Who Takes Her Clients For A Run

Running and conventional talk therapy have their connections to meditative healing, but what could the lasting effect amount to if the two were combined as a 2-in-1 treatment for mental health? For Sepideh Saremi, a certified psychotherapist and running a…

George Watts
Feb 8 2021
Need Some Inspiration For Running? These 10 World Records Might Help You

In the event that you’ve reached the stopping point with regards to running inspiration, investigate these 10 running records. The gallant stories underneath make certain to rouse you to get out there and run.

Quickest ladies’ long distance race

The lon…

Charly Morres
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