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7 min.
Jan 18 2023
Menopause Transition: Health Risks Of MT That A Woman Must Know

Menopause signifies the permanent cessation of ovarian function and women’s from a reproductive to a non-reproductive phase of life. It occurs when a woman stops menstruating, most often between age 45 and 55. It marks a critical stage characterized trans…

Archana Jha, MS
4 min.
Yoga Therapy
Oct 13 2022
Yoga Therapy For Better Sleep: A Complete Guide [2022]

Good sleep is crucial for the correct functioning of all body systems, good health and well-being in general.

Sleep problems occur for a variety of reasons, most often due to diseases or lifestyle habits.

We are constantly stressed throughout the day. W…

Bethany Thomas
1 min.
Sep 18 2022
Spiritual transformative experience

From Spirit, we incarnate into this plane of existence. Finding our soul expression and grow from the experiences we have manifested in this design of our journey. When as a Soul. our soul purpose has been met,there is an energetic exit point we have la…

Allayah Frisch
3 min.
Yoga Therapy
Aug 16 2022
Training for Pregnancy: How to Prep Your Body for Having a Baby

What’s Inside?

Why Prenatal Yoga?
Who Should and Should not Attend Prenatal Yoga TTC
How To Prep Pregnant Women for Prenatal Yoga TTC
Asanas to Practice in Prenatal Yoga TTC
Prenatal Yoga TTC at Arhanta Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is trending now. Unlike olde…

Martin Walker
2 min.
Aug 3 2022
How to reduce stress

Swimming is among the most ideal ways to ease pressure while strolling could clear a psychological barrier, authorities on the matter agree.

Television character and GP Dr Zoe Williams has prescribed developments you can attempt to assist with working on…

myra maqsood
1 min.
Eclectic medicine
Jul 30 2022
Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety, two terrifying words that are more common in our lives than what we allow ourselves to believe. They can be even more terrifying and draining after a traumatic experience.
It’s important to recognise that having a bit of stress and/or …

Maje Sodiz
3 min.
Eclectic medicine
Jul 30 2022
Meditation Techniques


As a continuation from the parent article titled, Dealing with Stress and Anxiety, comes Meditation Techniques.

Finally, we are in an era where meditation is accessible. We do not picture anymore a hippy or a student in their gap year, looking fo…

Maje Sodiz
1 min.
Eclectic medicine
Jul 30 2022
Conscious Breathing

As a continuation from my previous post, Dealing with Stress and Anxiety, here it comes Conscious Breathing article.

Being aware of how you are breathing will help you to identify any signs of anxiety and to regain consciousness of the present mom…

Maje Sodiz
2 min.
Medical intuition
Jul 28 2022
Is your body keeping you stuck?

Did you know your body can contribute to keeping you stuck in your life? Perhaps you are trying to recover your health, create a new business, or change something big in your life. Parts of the body can resist your desire to move forward. Let’s talk about…

Sarah Lascano
1 min.
May 7 2022
A Holistic Encounter-Acupressure for a Patient

A Holistic Care Encounter

Walking into the patient room
Seen in the bed, it is Mr. Swanson
The bony arm rest at his side
The skin on his face and body is dulled in color
Smoky, yellowish and roughie

He is calm now, after an episode of aggressive agitate…

nen huang
2 min.
Apr 29 2022
An ancestor in the making

As we stand at the precipice of a great change in the course of our history, (what many of us hope is a course-correction) vital and exciting conversations are happening — what kind of world do we want to recreate? What do we care about? And for who?

Bantu Chk
2 min.
Yoga Therapy
Apr 13 2022
What is yoga therapy, Why does it transform lives and How can you benefit?

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga, that expansive, beautiful, and sometimes mysterious practice hailing from centuries of sacred tradition in its source culture of India, changes lives. Yoga is a spiritual practice of moving beyond the noise of thought and into…

Sarah Greco, C-IAYT, ERYT500
1 min.
Sports Massage
Mar 8 2022
*Why Should I Get a Massage From A Male Masseur?*

Dublin Holistic Massage believes that it’s a popular myth that 90% of customers prefer a massage from a female therapist. And to be honest I believed in that myth for about 13 years. Our male massage therapists are getting the same amount of bookings as o…

Alex Bechtin
4 min.
Vinyasa yoga
Feb 24 2022
Yoga for Weight Management

Is yoga a good exercise option for weight loss? The short answer is yes, absolutely. The long answer is, not in the way we might usually think about exercise and weight loss. Yoga is a complex system of health and wellness that connects our mind, body, a…

Lea Grimaldi
1 min.
Hatha yoga
Feb 1 2022
What is your personal power?

The times we are living in can easily cause us to feel disempowered.

We seemingly can’t trust information sources anymore. Facts have become blurry. Political and social issues are literaly splitting friends and families apart. It can be quite intense ju…

Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
1 min.
Jan 14 2022
The Civil Savage: How To Mother Yourself Through Heartbreak

Most of us have experienced great love and loss in our lives. We know the feeling of dissappointment that follows rejection or the one who got away. Sometimes, we may feel as if we have found the one, but question whether or not we are worthy of such love…

Abigail Simpson
2 min.
Magnet therapy
Dec 18 2021
Life's secret ingredient

From Steve Jobs to Jack Dorsey everyone I admire, they all have something in common to achieve the immeasurable — they practice to still their mind.

Meanwhile, having had read the books about the mystics, saints and getting to know their life practices, …

Vinutha Ramkumar
1 min.
Dec 11 2021
6 benefits of stretching

For everyone who is working at home: How many hours do you spend in your chair a day?

Especially with working from home ways are getting shorter. The fridge sometimes is just an arm-length away. No need to get up walking to the subway or walk from the ca…

Dec 7 2021
Pilates guru Lisa Hubbard in exclusive interview for Core Spirit


Lisa Hubbard disclosed simple daily tools for life enhancement in her interview to Core Spirit.

Lisa is internationally recognized as a Pilates Figure in the Industry and began teaching in 2000. She has been featured in many Award-Winning Pro…

Core Spirit Press Releases
13 min.
Nov 30 2021
Natural holistic approach for managing depression


With the number of filled prescriptions for depression soaring, patients are often overmedicated, using pharmaceutical compounds that do not address the underlying causes, and in many cases create a situation that can inhibit true healing.

Khaled Mohamed
3 min.
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
Nov 28 2021
Roses and our health: Much more than meets the eye 🌹

Long associated with love, beauty and the heart, the rose is also a valuable herbal medicine. Over the past year or so, I have found myself thinking that just about everyone I come across could benefit from incorporating some rose into their life. Buying …

Emma Hickey
1 min.
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
Nov 28 2021
How herbs can help you 🌿

Naturopaths and herbalists are extensively trained in herbal medicine and are excited by the many ways that herbs can profoundly improve health and minimise symptoms. However, I find that many people are actually confused by the term “herbal medicine” and…

Emma Hickey
1 min.
Nov 26 2021
Tips for Online Fitness Sessions

Online fitness sessions can be an extremely helpful tool in keeping up with your workouts, dealing with anxiety and stress, and just a beautiful way of keeping everyone connected.

As someone who has been teaching online (even before Covid times) my belie…

3 min.
Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Nov 18 2021
Create an Ayurvedic morning routine

Create more intention in your thoughts and actions

Wondering how to create an Ayurvedic morning routine? In Ayurveda, how you start your day influences the rest of your waking hours. If you start your day stressed and rushed, you’ll unconsciously feel hu…

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WORTHY - Reclaim Your Power & Wear Your Crown!

The truth is that when I became a parent my over-giving took over my life, I thought I had to be the mother, saviour and carer to everybody.
I lived to fulfill my family’s and friends’ needs and felt like a superwoman.
I was a full time mum, wife, ent…

Esmeralda Mestre

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