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9 min.
Feng Shui
Apr 12 2021
Feng Shui and the Bagua

The term “Bagua” refers to 8 symbols known as the 8 Trigrams which are made up of sequences of three lines (solid and/or broken) placed in a vertical row, one on top of the other. The 8 Trigrams are Qian (Heaven), Zhen (Thunder), Kan (Water), Gen (Mountai…

Derelle Ball
1 min.
Feng Shui
Mar 24 2021
Use These Chinese Symbols to have a Happy Home

The Eight Auspicious Buddhist Objects:

If you wish to insure complete good fortune to all your household, you may want to display all eight auspicious objects together to seal your intent for good times and good fortune for your home and all who inhabit …

Demi Powell
3 min.
Feng Shui
Jan 13 2021
Use Feng Shui to Bring Money into Your Life

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice and wisdom that was created more than 3,000 years ago. It was developed to aid harmonisation of energies or Chi within a space to enhance harmony, great health and fortune. It’s points are based on the Taoist compr…

Demi Powell
6 min.
Feng Shui
May 13 2018
How To Set Great Feng Shui In Every Room

Feng shui is more than simply moving about furniture or creating a “Zen”-looking home. Feng shui provides us resources to reduce stress, improve our well-being, and invite joy into our lives.

Similar to meditation, the practice of feng shui is profoundly…

Bobby Hanson
4 min.
Feng Shui
Mar 29 2018
Feng Shui Basics for a Happy Home

Our homes are our havens, and with a little thought and effort they can help us keep a clear mind and a calm outlook. The new year is nearly upon us, so if you are looking to get it off to a positive start, you may benefit from a few easy-to-implement min…

Bobby Hanson
Feng Shui
Mar 29 2018
How to Use Feng Shui in Your Garden

Most people know that feng shui can be used to decorate a home with a better flow, but what about using feng shui for your garden? Instead of your garden layout functioning as a random plot of land, try considering the placement and purpose of the space.

Bobby Hanson

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