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3 min.
Feb 15 2021
Did You Know Fencing Can Be A Great Exercise?

Hear the word fencing and pictures of celebrated swordplay duels from the Star Wars film establishment or the bold Douglas Fairbanks movies of days of old rapi…

Mary Miller
2 min.
Feb 15 2021
10 Reasons Why Fencing is Good for Your Health

Fencing is an exquisite current game that appreciated by individuals around the globe since medieval times. It’s a test both genuinely and strategically betwee…

Jonathan Tayron
28 min.
Feb 8 2021
The Science of Fencing: Implications for Training


Fencing is one of a couple of sports that have included at each advanced Olympic games. Fencing happens on a 14 × 2-m strip called a “piste,” wit…

Charly Morres
5 min.
Jan 29 2021
Fencing 101: All You Need to Know

Fencing is probably the most established movement on the planet that is as yet polished, depends on the battle between 2 adversaries with a sword, which has ch…

Karonika Evans
1 min.
Jan 29 2021
A Brief History of Fencing


Swordplay has been rehearsed for millennia, and advanced fencing started as a type of military preparing. It didn’t turn into a game until around the …

Charly Morres
8 min.
Mar 29 2018
Growing a Witch's Garden

Whether you are Wiccan or traditional, coven member or solitary, kitchen or hedge witch, a garden can be a powerful and vitalizing part of your magical practic…

Emma Wood