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2 min.
Aug 3 2022
How to reduce stress

Swimming is among the most ideal ways to ease pressure while strolling could clear a psychological barrier, authorities on the matter agree.

Television character and GP Dr Zoe Williams has prescribed developments you can attempt to assist with working on…

myra maqsood
1 min.
Dec 11 2021
6 benefits of stretching

For everyone who is working at home: How many hours do you spend in your chair a day?

Especially with working from home ways are getting shorter. The fridge sometimes is just an arm-length away. No need to get up walking to the subway or walk from the ca…

1 min.
Nov 26 2021
Tips for Online Fitness Sessions

Online fitness sessions can be an extremely helpful tool in keeping up with your workouts, dealing with anxiety and stress, and just a beautiful way of keeping everyone connected.

As someone who has been teaching online (even before Covid times) my belie…

1 min.
Oct 12 2021
Top breathing tips for exercising

I always seemed to struggle with breathing when I would jog or do the elliptical, I would end up with pain/cramping in my side. Most of the time when I would do any type of strength training, I was holding my breath. As someone who suffers from Endometr…

Season Gorny
3 min.
Mar 23 2021
This Trait Predicts How Often You Exercise

Individuals who make concrete plans to meet their goals may engage in more physical activity, including visits to the gym, compared to those who don’t plan quite so far ahead, research shows. These research findings, published in Psychological Science, su…

Demi Powell
6 min.
Mar 22 2021
Try these Exercises for Power and Mobility

Before we get into why you want strong hips and how to get them with hip strengthening exercises, let’s do a little Hip 101.

The hip joint is a ball-and-socket type joint that’s formed where the femur (thigh bone) meets the pelvis. The femur has a ball-s…

Demi Powell
3 min.
Sep 26 2019
Best Exercise Ball Options

When you are trying to lose weight and keep it off, there are many options available to you. The main components of a good weight loss program include a healthy eating plan, such as the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, and some form of exercise.

Any kind o…

Demi Powell
9 min.
Oct 1 2019
20 great reasons to exercise

A happier state of mind, a more productive day and better body confidence - just a few reasons why you need to start exercising right now

Finding it hard to keep motivated as the impending winter days become shorter, colder and darker? Don’t worry, us to…

Demi Powell

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