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Diabetic Diet
Feb 27 2023
Struggling with Type II Diabetes

If you are struggling with Type II Diabetes then you know what the image is all about. This is the receiver for my Dexcom 6 transmitter. It tells me what my blood sugar readings are every 5 minutes. When it comes to managing Type II diabetes you really ne…

James Moffitt
Nutritional Therapy
May 17 2023
The Hardcore Diet: Unleashing the Power of Discipline and Commitment

When it comes to achieving optimal health and transforming your physique, some individuals are willing to go to extreme measures. Enter the world of hardcore dieting, a no-nonsense approach that requires unwavering discipline and commitment. This article …

Demi Powell
Nutritional Therapy
May 16 2023
Lower Your Blood Pressure with These 5 Everyday Drinks.

In today’s fast-paced world, high blood pressure has become a growing health concern for people of all ages. Unhealthy lifestyle choices and stress have become a dangerous combination that can lead to various life-threatening conditions such as hypertensi…

Nutritional Therapy
May 10 2023
Other Than Milk, What Foods and Drinks Can Help Promote Healthy Bones?

The bones of the human body are essential to sustaining its organs and structure. To prevent the formation of bone disorders like osteoporosis, the bones must receive the right care and attention because they are living, growing structures. All ages shoul…

Nutritional Therapy
May 9 2023
The Benefits of Pomegranate Juice for Your Gut and Metabolism

There are more bacteria living in the human stomach than there are stars in the night sky, with an estimated 39 trillion of them. Together, these bacteria promote numerous processes, including metabolism, immunity, skin health, brain health, and others. A…

Nutritional Therapy
May 8 2023
The Role of Papaya in Regulating Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetes: Exploring the Health Benefits

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from the chronic disease of diabetes. Due to the body’s inability to efficiently manufacture or utilize insulin, it is characterized by high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is caused by a variety of variables, but it …

Nutritional Therapy
May 4 2023
Should you drink water right before sleeping - Pros and Cons

Should You Drink Water Right Before Sleeping? The Pros and Cons.

Drinking water is essential for maintaining a healthy body. It helps to regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, and transport nutrients to cells. The recommended amount of water to dri…

Nutritional Therapy
May 2 2023
How Your Diet Affects Liver Health: Essential Foods to Consume and Avoid

Maintaining a healthy liver is crucial to our overall well-being. The liver, which is the second largest organ in the body, performs several functions such as removing toxins, blood purification, and protein synthesis. A healthy liver is essential for our…

Nutritional Therapy
Apr 14 2023
How to Master Blood sugar Balancing for your best Health.

Most of us suffer from too much glucose in our system – and most of us are unaware of it. This is due to a western diet that is refined carb-heavy and not informed by intelligent food combining. Blood sugar balancing is more than just ‘cutting carbs’ or ‘…

Marlien Wright
Nutritional Therapy
Apr 14 2023
Why cooked apples is a superfood for your gut-health.

Good gut health depends on a diet rich in fibre and a diverse microbiome. To create diversity in your microbiome it is important to eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits low in fructose. In my opinion one of the fruits to include in your diet should…

Marlien Wright
Ketogenic Diet
Mar 24 2023
Exploring the Surprising Benefits and Myths of the Keto Diet: A Comprehensive Guide

The world of diets can be overwhelming, bewildering, and downright confusing. From Atkins to Zone, South Beach to Paleo, and everything in between, it’s hard to know where to start.

But there’s one diet that’s been gaining popularity in recent years: the…

Nutritional Therapy
Jan 30 2023
Health Benefits of Kefir

As a nutritionist, I am always on the lookout for foods that provide both taste and health benefits, and kefir is one such food. Kefir is a fermented dairy product that originated in the Caucasus Mountains and has been used for centuries for its many heal…

Alison Birks
Nutritional Therapy
Nov 21 2021
Discomfort From Fructose Intolerance?

Fructose is known also as, Levulose and is a naturally occurring monosaccharide; meaning it is a simple sugar; that is found primarily within Fruits, Vegetables, and Honey.

I am gonna go chemistry-like here, but only just for a little bit. So here it go…

Christine Foutch
Nutritional Therapy
Nov 2 2021
Foods to Promote Gut Health and Increase Akkermansia

Akkermansia muciniphila was first identified in 2004 and is a species of bacteria that helps to maintain our gut lining and possesses many health benefits. You may not have heard of it, but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t important! I hope you find t…

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN
Nutritional Therapy
Nov 3 2021
8 Ways to Lower Cortisol Levels and Manage Sweets Cravings

When the body is stressed (physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally), it releases cortisol produced by the adrenal glands. High cortisol levels have many negative side effects on your health, including an increased craving for sweets and fats.

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN
Nutritional Therapy
Jul 14 2021
Nutrients To Fuel Our Body

Monday I was in Meditation and all I could hear was my tummy rumbling. Do you ever get like that, sometimes no matter what you eat, your tummy still wants food. How do you feel when you are hungry? Probably grumpy, tired, sluggish and all around not happy…

Gemma Nice
Nutritional Therapy
Jul 9 2021

Eat fat, lose fat! Don’t be afraid of your fats! The trendy years of “fat free” are finally over. Science has shown this fad diet holds no true health benefits. In addition to being unnatural and unsatisfying, this way of eating promotes diabetes and hear…

Vito Lasprugato
Diabetic Diet
Oct 27 2021
Healthy Superfood for Diabetics

if you don’t give diabetics the choice of a low carb diet, you don’t give them the choice to avoid complications.” — Katherine Morrison,MD

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes and you are wondering how to adopt healthy dieting plan that will stabilize y…

Queen Israel
Nutritional Therapy
Jun 6 2021

What makes a food super as opposed to simply on trend because someone wants to market it and make lots;of money? Well, to please me, it has to have several functions and not be so ridiculously expensive that you can’tbuy and eat the precious thing.


Helen Kirby
Nutritional Therapy
Jun 12 2021
The Real Cake Wars

Recently I went on a ladies retreat to a local hot springs for a few days. Seven of us shared a rather sizeable cabin although a few were sharing beds to save some extra cash. Monkeying around in my own little world for the last year plus hasn’t helped me…

Tammy Russell
Nutritional Therapy
Oct 25 2021
Dietary guidelines for the Winter - According to Ayurveda.

Dietary guidelines for the Winter - According to Ayurveda.

As winter arrives, we should be on our guard as the warm summer days are behind us. It’s time to prepare our body for the cold weather of the winter season. To remain healthy and stay in harmony…

Khabir Southwick
Nutritional Therapy
Jun 24 2021
Beware The Deadly Energy Drink Boost!

Energy drinks have been around for a long time. In fact, it has been approximately 72 years since the first energy drink was introduced in the US. Dr Enuf (weird name, I know) was introduced in 1949. However, the ‘energy drink era’ didn’t officially ki…

Diabetic Diet
Aug 10 2021
Handle Diabetes Holistically and Sustainably

Tackling diabetes in a holistic and sustainable fashion is the centerpiece of Diabetes Buster’s approach to diabetes. If you want to succeed at defeating diabetes in a way that is sustainable for long-term health, dealing with diabetes in a holistic and …

Asunta Simoloka
Nutritional Therapy
Jun 25 2021
The Old Lady and The Sweets

A few years ago, an older lady (let’s call her ‘Mary’) came to me for nutritional help. Mary was very cross with herself and showed me her handbag that was literally overflowing with packets of sweets and chocolates: “I used to carry bottles of vodka and …

Nathalie Sansonetti
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