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24 min.
Diabetic Diet
Feb 27 2023
Struggling with Type II Diabetes

If you are struggling with Type II Diabetes then you know what the image is all about. This is the receiver for my Dexcom 6 transmitter. It tells me what my blood sugar readings are every 5 minutes. When it comes to managing Type II diabetes you really ne…

James Moffitt
5 min.
Diabetic Diet
Oct 27 2021
Healthy Superfood for Diabetics

if you don’t give diabetics the choice of a low carb diet, you don’t give them the choice to avoid complications.” — Katherine Morrison,MD

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes and you are wondering how to adopt healthy dieting plan that will stabilize y…

Queen Israel
3 min.
Diabetic Diet
Aug 10 2021
Handle Diabetes Holistically and Sustainably

Tackling diabetes in a holistic and sustainable fashion is the centerpiece of Diabetes Buster’s approach to diabetes. If you want to succeed at defeating diabetes in a way that is sustainable for long-term health, dealing with diabetes in a holistic and …

Asunta Simoloka
5 min.
Diabetic Diet
Jan 26 2021
Can you take a river cruise with Diabetes?

Have you ever wanted to take a river cruise, but were afraid it would be too hard to manage your diabetes? Here are a few things to know that may ease your mind.

My husband and I just returned from a glorious 14-day cruise down the Rhine and Danube River…

Demi Powell
4 min.
Diabetic Diet
Jan 26 2021
The book about Diabetes that explains everything

Do you need a comprehensive reference book about all things diabetes? Pick up a copy of Diabetes Head to Toe (affiliate link) by Rita R. Kalyani, MD, MHS, Mark D. Corriere, MD, Thomas W. Donner, MD, and Michael W. Quartuccio, MD, all of whom are physician…

Demi Powell
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