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9 min.
Arab And Persian Astrology
Feb 4 2021
Astrology and Astronomy in Iran and Ancient Mesopotamia

Astrology is an occult practice that originated in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China. The oldest records belong to the 2nd millennium BC and from the Old Babylonian period. However, Sumerians had some understanding of the subject as early as 300…

Demi Powell
1 min.
Arab And Persian Astrology
Jan 27 2021
The Benefits of an Astrology Reading

The map of the sky, directly above you at your time of birth, is similar to your DNA or finger-print. It is unique to you. The arrangement of the 4 nucleotides that make up DNA will predict your hair colour, height, skin colour and likelihood of heart dis…

Anita Chakraburtty
3 min.
Arab And Persian Astrology
Jan 15 2021
Learning to get energy from this ancient document

The Picatrix is an ancient Arabian book of astrology and occult magic dating back to the 10th or 11th century, which has gained notoriety for the obscene natural of its magical recipes. The Picatrix, with its cryptic astrological descriptions and spells c…

Demi Powell
4 min.
Arab And Persian Astrology
Mar 29 2018
Islamic and Arabic Contributions to Astrology

While both astrological historians, Jim Tester nor Peter Whitfield, don’t come right out and say it, probably because it would be politically incorrect to do so, it was obvious to me that once allied with their Roman sponsors Christians were the ones who …

Javier Bush
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