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Cat Purrs Can Help Us Heal, New Research

Mar 29, 2018
Johanna Barrett
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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I am 32 years old and while my friends are either having or hoping to have children soon, I have no interest in that. What I really want is a furbaby – otherwise known as a CAT.

Yep, I am a cat-crazy girl named Kat.

Unfortunately, I have never had a cat… my mother never allowed it when I was a child and as an adult, it simply hasn’t fit with my nomadic lifestyle. But the time has come: this will be the year of the cat for me.

Why do I want a cat?

Because cats are the coolest (don’t even argue on that with me!) and the best pet to have! Here’s why:

  • Cats are low maintenance. You don’t have to take them out for walks like you need to do with dogs.

  • They are independent. They even take care of their bathroom business alone.

  • They are full of love. And cats don’t just love you because you are ‘their human,’ but because they also love you for YOU.

  • They are smart and full of personality.

  • They are cute. Don’t believe me? Go watch some cat videos, NOW!

What is even more interesting is that cats have healing powers – or rather, their purrs do.

A Brief History Of Cats

I am not the first one in history who has an appreciation for cats. In fact, the strong bond between cats and humans dates back for as long as history can remember.

The oldest remains of a young wild cat buried with a human were found in Cyprus. The remains are about 9,500 years old.

In Ancient Egypt, cats were loved and worshiped. Their goddess of war and protection, Bastet, is a woman with the head of a cat. Beyond Egypt, cats were loved around the whole world among many cultures.

Chinese farmers worshiped Li-Shou, the Chinese cat god for protecting their crops from mice and rats. The Polish cat god, Ovinnik, was believed to chase away evil spirits. Ai-apaec was the name of the Peruvian cat god. Ceridwen, a Welsh goddess, was attended by white cats to help her in the human world.

Now let’s leave history alone and forget about personal preferences of pets for now. Let’s look at the real science behind the healing powers of cats.

The Healing Power Of A Cat’s Purr

A recent study found cats’ purrs to be medically therapeutic when in the range of 25 – 150 Hz.

People who own cats also seem to suffer less from health conditions, get better sleep and are 40% less likely to have a heart attack, simply because cats that are loved and being cared for help their ‘human’ to relax.

Cat purr vibrations can help you with:

  • Pain relief

  • Wound recovery

  • Muscle growth

  • Muscle repair

  • Tendon repair

  • Bone recovery and growth

  • Joint mobility

  • Dyspnea

  • Shortness of breath

What If You Are Allergic To Cats?

There are hypoallergenic cat breeds you can consider, including:

  • Balinese-Javanese

  • Cornish Rex

  • Devon Rex

  • Siberian

  • Sphynx

  • Bengal

  • Burmese

  • Siamese

  • Russian Blue

  • Ocicat

  • Oriental Shorthair

If you are looking to get a cat, make sure to go to the Humane Society or look around your community for kittens that need a good home. Remember, while cats are sweet and are apparently good for your health, they are also a big responsibility. Make sure you have the right environment, time and love for them.

Are you a cat person? Do you have a cat? Tell us about him or her! Better yet, show us a picture – we would love to see your fur-babies. Share with us in the comments below!


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by Drew Canole

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