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Care your pearls.
Aug 3, 2023

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“Don’t give holy things to dogs. Don’t throw your pearls before pigs. Pigs will only trample on them. And the dogs will only turn to attack you. Matthew 7:6 ICB

Many time we have many dreams that expected that can be accomplish but in the time that we expect with faith and patience, many of us make a mistake that tell to wrong people, that people don’t understand your dreams or your goals,and many times only they make fun of you because thoughts that is impossible.
This people are the pigs and are the dogs that only try with his all his strength make down you, don’t listen them,not give your attention at his reason, follow the plan to God in your life, this people spoke because not have your dream can’t see it and only thought that you are crazy.
God put inside you seed’s of greatness if you put that seeds in the right place, will give them many fruit. The water that need your seeds is Faith, faith in your abilities,faith in your economy, faith in your strength,Faith in the God’s words on your life,the pearls that the scripture sepeak is your dreams, not the Holy Gospel,don’t give your pearls (dreams) to the pigs are valuable because come from God.

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