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Healing deep emotional wounds from abuse

Apr 24, 2020

The emotional wounds from abuse

An emotional war rages within the people who have experienced abuse in life, and it is not a pleasant thing to feel. The invisible battle scars left behind from abuse trigger within the body. Every time abuse occurs, even if it’s subliminal or conscious, the emotional wounds from abuse become more rooted. They turn into a more concentrated pinpoint of intense emotion deep within the body. It is, indeed, this intensified core of hurt and pain that enrages the war.

More abuse experiences lead to additional invisible ropes to keep it stuck in place. And so the trapped emotion becomes increasingly difficult to move. The emotional wounds from abuse cannot make its way out of the body on its own and finding a route to escape from being buried so deep is difficult. Our mission is to help your body to let go of what it is tightly holding.

A new way to win the war

Consider this, if you had a cut that bleeds you would soothe it, and protect it with a sticking plaster until the body heals itself. If you had a cold, your body would want to sneeze and cough to clear what it doesn’t want or need. These are true, examples of straight forward actions that your body does to remove what is troubling it.

Hurt and pain left from abuse cause a tremendous inner emotional strain, and it’s something that never goes away until it gets removed; it is now possible to remove what that is bothering your body so much. Think of the new healing solution for abuse recovery as just that. Indeed, it takes a very skilled healer for the abused to do this, and you will find her cocoon of care at Decus. You can release the destructive core of emotion and create change that could last forever.

Self-help for abuse survivors

More help and support is within the pages of the series of self-help books to guide healing from past abuse. These little books give a powerful installation of metaphorical stories that bring a different perception to the hidden wounds within the body and in society. The stories provoke deeper consideration about how you want to proceed with your recovery process; Inspiring you to make real change happen to improve the quality of life.

If you choose to heal from abuse in the way the series of self-help books advocate, then I commend you. You are a brave and courageous abuse survivor with the potential to live with emotional freedom.

So you want to heal from past abuse? A collection of ditties and short stories to help you seek healing of your soul and emotions. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1688895310/

16 steps toward healing from past abuse: How 16 small steps can make giant leaps on the path to healing your soul and emotions. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1699817790/

Stepping closer to healing from past abuse: A collection of short stories to open the heart and challenge the mind. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B085RSFDK1/

Heal from past abuse: A chance to mend the soul and emotions and transform your life (due to be published summer 2020).

By Linda Jane Newby, PhD

Author page https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B07X49SGLH

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Spiritual Healing
Linda Jane Newby, PhD
May 28, 2024, 08:30
Specialist abuse healing

Get any number of healing sessions before or after completing our specialist Abuse Healing Package. A session lasts up to 90 minutes and supports other healing needs you might have to aid recovery. Each session is ONLINE.

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Spiritual Healing
Linda Jane Newby, PhD
May 28, 2024, 08:30
Introductory session

A confidential space for an informal chat to ‘get to know each other’. We discuss your needs and how our specialist abuse healing service can best support your recovery process. It is important that we build trust and a connection to facilitate the most wonderful healing process. ONLINE.

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Spiritual Healing
Linda Jane Newby, PhD
May 28, 2024, 08:30
Woodall, Sheffield, UK
Specialist abuse healing package

The whole Abuse Healing Package consists of five key healing sessions. It is a quick and profound healing process that takes only one month to complete and requires total commitment and attendance at all sessions. Each healing session takes approximately 90 minutes, so you will need to include extra time to travel to and from decus. The three phases of the Abuse Healing Package are summarised below:

First Phase - Readiness
Two key healing sessions - To locate and reposition the trapped hurt within the body in readiness for its removal.

Second Phase - Removal
A single key healing session - To remove the destructive core of hurt and pain and return you to whole-self. It also includes canine-assisted healing.

Third Phase - Rehabilitation
Two key healing sessions - To rehabilitate emotions back to where they should be to function correctly.

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