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Best 10 Tech Websites & Blogs to Follow in 2021

Dec 23, 2020
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Recent data has shown that 77% of internet users read blogs. Blogs have tremendous power to attract and engage more viewers. As the study shows, 84% ​​of people bought products based on the details in the blog. 1⁄3 of 25 35-year-olds read 2 to 5 blogs every day.

As you can see, 1 in 4 people reads blogs and browsing social networks. So it is still worth spending your valuable time writing high-quality content for your business. Here is a list of the top tech websites and blogs that understand the power of words. Publishing informative and engaging content of innovative technologies should keep visitors well acquainted with new gadgets, technologies, and innovations.

List of top tech websites and blogs

1# TechCrunch

It is a leading technology website and a blog that provides a lot of informative content. Being a major technology media on the Internet, TechCrunch covers the latest news related to gadgets, apps and technology events.

To enjoy the content at your fingertips, TechCrunch has already launched its app. So you do not miss any updates. In fact, audio, video, and blogs publish every minute to keep visitors active.

2# The Verge

It is a multimedia platform that describes how technology shapes our lives. The Verge gives editorial information about the bright world of the screen. Mobile technology created a world of digital consumers.

It is a revolutionary technology that has changed the culture of media, transportation, and science. Some people have an unrealistic interest in future technological trends and how these changes will affect society.

If you enjoy reading blogs related to the technological shaping society of the future, then The Verge is the right platform for you.

3# Gizmodo

It is a perfect media platform for gadget lovers. Gizmodo is the best online portal to follow in 2020. It covers all the latest news related to the gadget.

Here, you can also find guides and tutorials that explain everything about the gadget. Besides, this site always provides information about innovative technologies.

They created this platform in 2002.It has covered a long journey in the media industry. Today, Gizmodo has become a well-established and reputed new source.

4# Mashable

A massive multimedia platform provides smart and enthusiastic content on tech products and innovations. It also includes news related to entertainment, culture, and science.

Mashable has millions of monthly users and social media followers. It provides material that can shape our society and bring change for social well-being.

Today, Mashable has become a large media and entertainment company. It has already established its branch in various parts of the world. Now you can read and watch the news from different parts of the world.

5# Recode

Recode- Vox explains the news.

It is a technology website that provides information from around the world. They have launched it in 2014. Recode’s primary goal is to present news collected by individual journalists.

You can find the latest news related to food, science, pop culture, politics, etc.

But why is it on the list of top tech websites? Because it publishes the latest news from Silicon Valley.


It’s the only motto to available the information wherever and wherever you want. CNET publishes content related to technology, culture, and science.

It highlights how tech works, why it matters, and what you need. Blog readers can depend on informative videos, guides, latest news, gadget features, analysis technical trends, and more.

It also connects with audiences through all major social media platforms, mobile applications, and printable magazines.

7# Tech2.com

A Tech website covers tech-related articles. This manly shares podcasts, videos, guides, and photos. Tech2.com focuses on the latest technology trends, gadgets, TV, mobiles, and gaming devices.

8# Futurism

Futurism is an independent media company that provides the most technology and science related news. It packed with content for interested audiences.

The focus of futurism is to publish the latest news and videos on the breakthroughs that are shaping the life of modern society. You can also subscribe to this site to read the daily newspaper. Always follow interesting updates on science and technology.

9# ZDNet

This site covers all the latest technology News 24⁄7. It focuses primarily on providing technology news, analytics, comments and product reviews for IT professionals.

So that tech business professionals can easily get in touch with the latest IT trends, issues and events. It also helps the experts to make the right choices.

10# Engadget

This is the best site for those who have an interest in both technology and the entertainment industry. Engadget is a blog network owned by AOL. They established it in 2004. Since then, this site has become a home for news, buyer’s guides and reviews on gadgets, gaming and television.

As a result, it has evolved into a global multimedia organization from an old source. Now, Engadget is a common intersection of technology, gaming and entertainment.

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