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Being Human 1

Sep 26, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Being human.

By the question of what is a human being, I at first must say that a human being is present inside a human universe. Otherwise, there is no existence qualification.

Universe of personalities and persons are known, as the universe of labour and the universe of families.

Where in all universes still are valid the same laws. These laws base on the impact inside electromagnetism and inside the graveness of gravity. I relate this graveness with consciousness and therefore with being human, as humanness.

Which graveness is in some way guessed or presaged, however no scientist can describe it.

They at the most can state, this graveness is a dark unknown energy and this can be felt.

Now I say that this unknown human being, therefore not knowing whom, what he/she is, must become connected with this dark energy. Moreover also with this dark matter.

That means a human being can be present inside a singular energy by mass and by a bipolar matter while surviving and/or while living.

The human being thinks, senses and feels inside a human spiritual universe.

This universe is for me his individual aura, in which he/she is present by bipolar matter. This bipolarity base on male/female, maleness/femaleness, on Yang/Yin and on +/-.

Inside this aura is present energetic information, which he/she can attract to the inside.

He/she becomes by being human intelligent and self-conscious.

Universe of personality’s base on the longing for admiration, with the belonging hormonal impact.

Universe of person’s base on the longing for recognition, with the belonging hormonal impact.

Universe of being human base on the longing for love, with the belonging hormonal impact.

Inside this longing is hidden a perceiver and an observer.

The organism of the observer is in some way distanced to love, as how personalities and persons are.

The human being is an organic being, which can perceive and therefore can perceive true love. He/she organises this organic love.

Love is a feeling,

what my feeling feels,

when it something feels,

what it has never



Perceiving is feeling.



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