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Becoming your own cheerleader
Oct 23, 2023

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Mr. Bean is a character that most of us grew up loving and watching. Sometimes I actually watch it to relive the nostalgia. He was a beast in his own terms. One thing quite peculiar that I learnt from him years later was how comfortable he was being alone and together with his his doll they would create moments of joy together.
We currently live in a generation of depressed and depraved souls. Happiness and Joy all seem like a theme of the past and as we continue morphing we continually become depressed. It is said that 1 in every 4 people has depression. That is a worrying statistic as it shows the type of
society we live in.
Most people nowadays do not know where and how to find true fulfilment in the self and we end up thinking that other people are the ultimate source of our joy. That’s not the case. As I talked to some congregation of parents, I told them that true joy comes from within. It all starts with you. The choice to be happy or depressed is not for others to pick but yourself to choose.
Stop expecting others to create joy for you but rather stimulate your own joy.
There is a 90% chance that if you yourself are happy and self-fulfilled, you will attract more
people towards your energy. We as human beings are very social and we are primarily attracted to people who radiate positive energy and good vibes. For men, the funnier you are the more attractive you become. That is undefied logic. Emit good energy and everyone becomes drawn to you. Emit negative energy and everyone moves away from you. It is that clear and easy.
Instead of outsourcing our happiness, let us look within ourselves because that is where the gem of true happiness dwells.

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