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ASR: Chapter 7: Over Glorifying To Undermine

Feb 17, 2022
Core Spirit member since Oct 28, 2021
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Side Note: From this chapter onward there will be no sugar coating. No “pulling punches”. If you are someone who cannot handle the use of harsh words or bold unvarnished statements. Please be warned.

The following is another blunt obvious example of people continuing to indulge in pretend ignorant. Then using that excuse to continue to make the same mistakes—recklessly. While expecting forgiveness and be rewarded with understanding at the end.

It is another example that show we do not need special power to give us the ability to see what is obvious. We do not need a messenger from the “Gods” to tell us where we are obviously heading. We know where we are heading, but we just choose to bypass all obvious caution signs and warnings given us. It illustrates why “Judgment Day” is just an excuse we give ourselves for choosing to stand by and do nothing when we are perfectly capable of doing something—now–to prevent the actions that leads to the consequences we have aim for.

“In hindsight we are always ‘smarter’ than the people before us.” But this example shows how fault this statement is. How we have recessed and are not any different.

BE WARNED, DO NOT READ THE NEXT FEW CHAPTERS UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO MOVE FORWARD. It will outrage and offense believers. But it is an event and message that NEED to be clarified. It is time.

When I see the cross; unlike those who believe in the story passed down through our history about how God send his son to rescue man. To billions of believers the cross is a symbol of divine. Of hope. Of higher protection. Of higher love. Of complete acceptance and forgiveness. It is a reminder that God is real and very generous. He even sent His own son down to rescue and sacrifice for us. Thus, we should kneel and prays before it with respect. We should worship it.

But I see it differently. It is all that I have mentioned. But to me it has always meant something different. Since I was a child, I have a deep repulsion for the cross. I could not look at it. I could not even think thoughts about it without feeling overwhelmed by a feeling of “wrongness”. I tried, but I could never look directly at the figure of the man on the cross without being overwhelmed by feelings of “wrongness”, repulsion, unease, and upset. Nor do I feel love and inspired by the story of how he got there. I did not understand why until the veils that block me from knowing who I am, slowly lifted. Until I got the messages to start this record. I have always found ways to avoid facing those feelings that arises or minimizing my encounter with the cross.

Due to being taught that the cross is the symbol and extension of “God” to ward off evil. I even once, in my naïve and innocent youth, for a period, contemplated that the reason why I feel this way is because I am somehow “evil” incarnated. My differences, my “punishments,” and especially my unusual experiences in spiritual places. Combined with my unique perspectives make what I was taught seem a very scary possibility. Can you IMAGINE what this kind of misinformation would do if taught to a child? One that is innocent, confused, and already lost. Who feels desperately alone and out of place—Trying so hard to fit in and always told there is something “wrong” with her?

Until I discover all that I know now, what I was taught then seem the only explanation. For why else can so many people see what I cannot see? Whereas others, see it as symbol of hope, love, protection, and evidence of God’s love and benevolence. I see it as a sign and a big reminder of the true nature of humanity. The crime we are capable of and have committed when we do not like something. Especially, if that something clashes with our ego, its believes, and sense of entitlements.

Like a spoiled child with a tantrum, when we selfishly want something, we become fixated. That is all we care about. It does not matter how unreasonable. We will find a reason to make it sound “reasonable” and “logical” to suit our beliefs and perspective. Thus, the more privileged and powerful someone believe they are—the more entitled they think they are. Hence, the more out of touch they are with themselves and the world around them. Leading them to believe they are “God’s” equal, if not “God” themselves. Therefore, others must bow to their every whim and desire. Or they will use their power and resources to forcefully take what they want.

Only the truly lost. Truly privileged (and I am not talking about just material privileges), can afford to indulges in selfish ignorant. Can believe in certain beliefs and are arrogant enough to feel entitled to deserve more than what is given them. They are the ones that have grand selfish visions and ambitions of immortality through a show of elaborate power displays (Pyramids, Great Wall of China). They are the one that is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Because they have more resources, they have the power over others who say otherwise.

People who live life with easy privileges, resources, and grand visions to guide their ambitions and motivate them—Of course, dislike having their flaws pointed out to them by peers and Gods alike. Thus, if Jesus is really the son of God; then he is an ideal example of how truly dangerous humanity can be. His death is a blunt statement that humanity does not fear the “God” we created as we proclaimed. Because let us be honest, if we do: we would not have risk God's wrath by not only torturing and killing His son. We made him into a symbol of blunt disgrace and direct insult to rub into his father’s face till this day.

Over glorifying to undermine a crime, does not mean the crime itself can be pardoned. It does not matter how we justify the deed. Jesus died at our hands. Was betrayed by us, tortured by us, and murdered by us. We hung him up by his hands and feet with nails! Force him to wear a crown of thorns. To drain his blood drop by drop. While the hot blistering sun burnt and dry the life out of his raw flesh! Hung up there to be humiliated in nothing but a cloth. Then we use that horrifying image as a symbol of bless? Of hope? Of love? How have this twisted perspective not been questioned for so long? Does no one see the horror in this?

Billions of people of have been worshiping this image for thousands of years, sometimes more than once a day. How can they think this is, O.K.? O.K. to treat our saviors this way? O.K. to treat our Gods this way? This shows how truly blind humanity is to our own flaws. How ugly we can be in our ignorant. The facts that for thousands of years people pray before this image. Ask for forgiveness for their new crimes—While bowing before the evidence of a crime they have once committed. But have not yet been pardoned for—yet does not see it.

Right in front of them and yet they cannot see the real truth of their actions. Some even stare at with wonder and see divinity. See God. It is truly disturbing to know we can be this blind. To bluntly ignore and bypass this glaringly obvious example of our failing to learn the lessons we are here to learn. But than again, how can we learn what we need to learn—When we cannot even see what is right in front of us? When we keep ourselves from seeing the truth, from speaking the truth—from TEACHING the truth?

I am sure if I confronted this truth in person as a child or even today in some part of the world. As a “nobody”, I would be murdered to shut me up for pointing out this Higher truth no one wants to acknowledge. This is an example that show people are not ready to be saved because we are too enthrall and addicted to suffering and pain to ascend. We say we want to be saved and want “good” in our life, but our dark nature is too strong for us to resist. We ask for help but is incapable of accepting it when it arrives. Because we are too caught up in ourselves. Too caught in the ego and all its sense of entitlements and the perspectives it is taught. All that it chooses to bypass. To ever see the gifts, we have been given nor appreciate it—until it is too late.

Then we build monuments and elaborate structures to over glorify our crimes in hope we will be forgiven. In hope it will be forgotten—So, that we can continue to do it again. This is what happens when a King or a God comes down incognito as a beggar, trying to inspire and teach those already in “powerful” positions otherwise. Because in a system that regulated illusion of power; corruptions and horrifying acts must constantly be committed and over glorified—to keep truth from burning through the veils of lies.

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