Antics Of A Lost Souls And Wisdom To Apply In Their Midst
Jul 14, 2023

“Antics Of Lost Souls And Wisdom To Apply In Their Midst Afterwards"

Often, when someone or some people are afraid, it shows in their actions and utterances. That had been what we are witnessing here since February.

I can’t just pretend that I have not noticed it. The people that have been accusing me none stop for three-plus years now are not just holding up well. The images they show here to some of their followers considered to come from the center of heaven therefore should be trusted by all and never be questioned or doubted. To many, that is the best they have seen for centuries.

How will you describe their self-manipulation? Why would a sound mind start manipulating himself or herself? Why even manipulate the people you regard as your subjects or admirers? When there are two opposing opinions on any issue, one is bound to be true. Never both and never none. The question is: which part of this issue is true and which part is not?

They had focused on election as means of getting the masses on their side believing that to be a way of scoring with me their object of interest. Why election? A topic that will move people. So, the crowd being on their side they believed will free them from whatever it was they are afraid of. Desperation was their problem and they needed to turn on the crowd on their side and the election was it. It’s funny how some claiming to be friends and sons of the land and care about the past election and yet, did not even have voter's cards, never left her on that faithful day to go and vote and change their condition. Not my own but theirs and my family's. Before it was that I voted for PDP then it was that my fingerprint crossed the line while voting for labour. Therefore you and your family are enemies of Igbo land and must leave here or die.
Vacating this building was what was in their minds and plots since 2021. I don’t know the sentence they passed on this priest's witch doctors, he became afraid and all this started a few days ago. The guy was flailing around like a drowning man seeking anything to hold unto and these images were his answer to sway people. Election twenty days ago. All the Hausa cobblers and all the tinker workers are passing on the message to this Igbo land lover. So I asked: those Fulani cobblers and tinker guys, who are they working for?- Igbo or Fulani? Then, you're carrying out their orders is not working against Igbo land?

Some of them don’t even have voters card, never voted, don’t go to church, carry out orders from Fulani, and are the number one Son of Soil of Igbo land.

“Actions, basically a reaction against loss of balance- a few flailing of arms to regain one's balance. To dispose a soul to action we must upset its equilibrium”—Eric Hoffer

I do not doubt that the people are under pressure from their masters to deliver, to perform or the performance will be on them. So their thought of the heart started as usual to manifest here as images and people are believing and wondering why I am not believing. Drowning men must do something in desperation to save themselves that is how I see whatever is coming from them. It’s a natural reaction of those in such situations.

Many are nothing but demons. Agents of wastage. They will wait for you to finish building and they will step in to waste your effort with one nonsense theory. They can never put in the work, but they will at times allow you to do the job afterward they will step in to destroy as much of your work as they can. I consider them enemies of progress.

The flailing man is dangerous to be near. They have this tendency of dragging those that went to help them down with them. Wisdom is to keep far away from them and ignore them and their antics. When they are tired of flailing here and there and resigned to their fate, you can step in to help if you care that much.

Minding one's business is a sure way to stay out of anguish and thinking like a myopic causes problems shortly. Always ask yourself before deciding how beneficial anything is to you. What is glittering today might be rubbish that requires your attention, cause health issues, or worse tomorrow. Think intelligently before jumping on any offer.

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