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Abilene Paradox definition
Mar 20, 2021

Reading time 5 min.

The Abilene Paradox alludes to a circumstance when a gathering settles on an aggregate choice that is counter to the contemplations and sensations of its individual individuals. The Abilene Paradox happens in light of the fact that people would prefer not to ‘ **cause trouble**’ or ‘ be a downer,’ despite the fact that their impression of the other individuals’ sentiments is inaccurate.

The Abilene Paradox was presented by the executive scholar Jerry B. Harvey, Professor Emeritus of Management at The George Washington University, in an article regarding the matter. It happens in light of the fact that individuals have a characteristic repugnance for conflicting with the sensations of a gathering - they need to adjust socially. As indicated by Harvey, the oddity might be driven in light of the fact that people accept they will encounter contrary perspectives or sentiments on the off chance that they ‘shout out’ on a theme. Obviously, if nobody shouts out, the gathering will settle on a choice that is counter to the desires and sensations of the gathering.

The Catch 22 is like oblivious obedience however by and large when the Abilene Paradox happens, the individual individuals from the gathering feel a general choice is a helpless one, yet this isn’t generally the situation with mindless compliance. Productive gatherings should attempt to defeat both oblivious compliance and the Abilene Paradox as a component of upgrading bunch elements.

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