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Jan 21, 2020
Diego de Oxóssi
Core Spirit member since Dec 3, 2019
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Take a deep breath, relax… Now answer honestly to yourself:

If you knew the ways and challenges of your relationship or marriage…

If you knew the ways to avoid and fix the errors before they even happened…

If you could guarantee a more affectionate and harmonious coexistence with your partner, finding out how to deal with the moments of difficulties in your relationship…

If you could live a truly full and happy love…

How would your life be? Does it look like fantasy?

Trust me when I tell you: this is possible! Come with me…

In the last texts, “Odus: Life and Destiny on Cowrie Shell Divination” and “Personal Odus: the Orishas Birth Chart”, I told a little about what the Odus are, how they serve as a way for communication between humans and the Orishas and how they relate to all areas of our lives and influence our personality and the choices we make.

The Odus are related and intertwined with everything that happens to us, the people and the situations around us. Therefore, when we make a decision, when we change our path or start a new journey in our lives, new energies are formed and begin to influence and modify one another.

This also happens when two people decide to stay together, date or get married… When two people decide to start a partnership or a new business… Or when you decide it’s time to leave the parents’ house and share a new one with your friends , for example. We dress according to the people with whom we live; we speak the same slang and expressions, we go to the same places and sometimes we even act and feel like them - and they, believe me, also dress, talk, act and feel alike and influenced by us!

On human nature and conflict resolution

Human coexistence is essential and necessary for our spiritual and material evolution, and it is impossible to remain oblivious to this: no man is an island. However, living together does not always mean living in peace. People are complex, with their different formations, cultures and moods; past and stories that make them who they are and make them act and react the way they do

How many dating and marriages that had everything to go right, for example, you have seen ended by failures in communication between both parts or simply because the way they communicate their love is different and opposed to how the other expects to receive it? How many friendships ceased to exist because the one way of expressing and counseling, more direct and objective, was different from the way the other hoped to be counseled, sweeter and more patient? How many profitable companies and societies were broken because the management and leadership of one was incompatible with the other? How many families separated… How many employees fired… How many abandoned loves…

Self-knowledge is the first step…

Knowing yourself and the people around you, being able to understand your desires and fears, and the right ways to act with each one of them is fundamental to harmoniously living together. Every meeting of two people is a relationship, either it´s in a loving, social, family or professional matter… And every encounter is subject to the differences between its parts.

Through African Numerology it is possible to identify the energies that rules this encounter and to understand in detail how one person will affect the other, what are the positive and negative aspects between them, and how to correct the mistakes and reconcile the conflicts of that relationship even before they happen.

For this, we must first understand how Birth Odus affect our personality and individuality. So let’s quickly remember which Odus define our personality, our paths through life and the challenges that Destiny reserves for you?

Odu Ori: defines our identity and personality;

Oju Ori: governs our temperament and intellect;

Ikoko Ori: guides our personal evolution;

Apa Otun: defines our rational aspects and professional development;

Apa Osi: governs our emotional and sentimental aspects;

Osogbo Ori: determines the challenges to overcome during our existence.

Now imagine that in a relationship it is necessary to identify and analyze this set of Odus for each people involved, separately. After that, we must then correctly combine their regencies, to identify which energies are formed from this combination, and to understand how this new energies can be beneficial to you - after all, good love should add to our life and make us grow and happy!

With this, from the combination and identification of the energies that rules each one of the members on this new relationship it is possible to define six new Odus that will determine the success and the challenges of this relation. Take a look:

Relationship Identity (Odu Okolayà): it is the energy that defines the spiritual combination between you and the kind of relationship you will live - after all love, passion, friendship and fellowship are completely different;

Horizons and Objectives (Odu Olóbirin): it is the Odu that determines how your plans and goals are developed together, the desires and the horizons to be reached side by side;

Relationship Evolution (Odu Óna): it is the energy that rules the evolution of the relationship, the transformations that you will live with the passage of time, the growth toghether and the duration of that encounter;

External Influences (Odu Ehin-Ode): this is the Odu that points out how the public dynamic of you happens in front of friends, family and the outside world, as well as indicating the external influences that will affect the stability of the relationship;

Intimate Life (Odu Ídaiyafo): is the Odu of sensuality and intimacy, which governs how you relate when you are alone and how the feeling between one and the other develops with the evolution of the relationship;

Dangers and Challenges (Osogbo Ìfé): is the portrait of the negative aspects of the relationship and influences all the other Odus of your regency. This energy determines the dangers and challenges to be overcome in the pursuit of a lasting and true relationship and the main focuses of attention for the harmonious coexistence between you.

By establishing the regent Odus of your relationship - be it loving, family or professional - and assessing the positive and negative influences of each one of them, it is possible to prepare for the difficulties and challenges that coexistence with both of you.

By doing this, you learn the best way to act and deal with the person who is by your side and also to understand the positives that can and should be stimulated and potentialized between the two of you. In this way, you avoid repeating patterns of behavior that hinder and prevent you from demonstrating and receiving love the way you want and are more likely to live in balance and harmony with your partner.

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