A Short History of Lavender
Dec 27, 2020

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Gender Association: Masculine

Planet Association: Mercury

Element Association: Air

Magical Associations: Chastity, Peace, Longevity,

Purification Protection, Happiness, Sleep, Love.

parts used: Flower, Oils, Stem

History and magical uses:

Lavender has a very long history From being used in ancient Egypt for mummification to the 1800s in love spells,

    Some examples are in the late 1800s prostitutes used the smell of lavender as they believed that it would magically attract men to them, Lavender was used by woman when washing their Clothing to Protect them against terrible treatment at the hands of a spouse/Lover which is why we now use lavender a lot in clothing soaps because it was very popular back then, lavender was also used in oils to relieve aches and pains of the muscles and joints,

    Lavender has been used for many things It was said that people that worked on the Lavender farms when the Bubonic plague had hit that almost no one on these farms was affected because of it being said that the spread was caused by Fleas and Lavender is a natural repellant for Fleas, Moths, and Other Insects…
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