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Jul 11, 2020
Core Spirit member since May 22, 2020
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HEY, Do you feel like this, Do you feel like your lost in the 3d? is your mind stuck in the 5d?

Do you feel like even though you run this wheel every day, be it in the house or Essentially outside… that you stuck in the same place?

Listen, pull up a chair, and let me chat with you.

This is a losing battle…

Understand that everyone tells you the truth without giving you the ability to change it.. haven’t you noticed that you’ve been told this every other day in school.

“Doing the same thing in repetition and expecting a different result is called…”?

But isn’t that the same thing as working out, or working at a job instead of a carrier?

I mean seriously, correct me if I’m wrong, f course I’m not talking to the fund babies, I’m talking to the overnight grinders, I’m talking to the early morning risers, I’m talking to the people with the 3rd job and a side hustle as a hobby.

Please let me know that what your doing is what you want to be doing in life right now?

Grow and use your intuition… its the start to your journey of peace, awaken your 3rd eye, see the truth for what it is, the laws of the world are flawed.

No, I’m not the Mind to create them, but I know that W. Lynch’s Letter is damn sure not the foundation of this tower we are steady building on, is creating the path where we are moved as cattle no matter the color and only rated by green none the less.

Self-love, knowing thy own value ascends you from your own worst enemy… the lost ONE…


p.s know when to fill your cup, because it takes half that time to empty it. don’t be so much of a hurry to give yourself something to get over… take your time…

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