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A Holistic Encounter-Acupressure for a Patient

May 7, 2022
nen huang
Core Spirit member since May 6, 2022
Reading time 2 min.

A Holistic Care Encounter

Walking into the patient room
Seen in the bed, it is Mr. Swanson
The bony arm rest at his side
The skin on his face and body is dulled in color
Smoky, yellowish and roughie

He is calm now, after an episode of aggressive agitated action
after medication Ativan injected into his vein
Mumbled in his mouth, is the voice “I didn’t”

At his bedside, are his aged mother and 10 years old daughter
“I told you thousands time, don’t drink”
Frustrated and anger are in the tune of his mother’s voice
I didn’t, Mother, I didn’t drink since last Friday
He sounds like a rebel 7 years old
You lie to me, Son
“I love you, Dad”, the spoken words from the 10 years girl
Water welled in her eyes
“How do you feel, Mr. Swanson”, my eye contact placed on him

Silent, only silence among the air
I saw your frustration and your Mom’s too
You are angry why you could not quit
Here is the reason, you started drinking when you are angry

Merely Alcohol itself doesn’t damage you,
Plus angry, you are a victim of liver damage
Then, the damaged liver cause you angrier
The vicious cycle begins, anger, alcohol, liver damage, anger

There is a pressure point that breaks the cycle may give you some ease
With your permission, I will demonstrate to you
He signals a permission indifferently
After a few stroking on his foot, there is an extending of his frown

Puzzled his mother at bedside
I showed her and the litter girl to learn.
The encounter was simple, but it has holistic view of body-mind-spirit unity
It eased the body
Relaxed the mind
Strengthened the spirit
Not only himself, his mother and daughter too.

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