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God's Genius Game - made and played by you and me

Feb 5, 2024
Medina Kacaniku
Core Spirit member since Jan 27, 2024
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I’ve been inspired to describe

In words
In poems

My current life

How I see the world
How it is to live
on planet Earth
in a body
knowing I’m God within

Sharing my perspective
With the rest of me
With you, the same God energy
You - who chose to also be
on this planet
at this time
living in another body
a different life

Seeing the world
in different ways
Looking at the same beauty
from a different lens

I talk to myself
when I talk to you
We’re one and the same energy
that’s moving through

Highly intelligent
A true genius
Oh so very smart

For trillions of years
Our game plan worked
We made it this far

We fooled ourselves
We fooled each other
We made both of us believe
We are different
We are separated
We are ‘us’ and ‘we’

It took us trillions of years
to discover
our truth

Trillions of years
to realize
there is no ‘me’ and ‘you’

We are not different and separated
We are one and the same

Forever connected
Playing our own made-up game

For trillions of years
We have not been apart
We have been
the one
the only
Magnificent Intelligence
that created it all


“I am” is who we truly are


I always cocreate and collaborate with my spiritual team to share my teachings.
Although it’s my human name on every post you see, there’s an orchestra of divine beings that writes with and through me.

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