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How to Stay Healthy in Winter
Dec 13, 2019

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Cold and flu season seems to go hand in hand with the cold winter weather. It might seem like there is no way around it, nothing you can do, and little to prevent the onset of germs from popping up. Staying healthy in winter doesn’t have to seem like an impossible challenge, though. If you know the best ways to approach this weather and the germ season, you can keep your family safe and healthy. Here are some of the best tips for avoiding germs and making it through the season without staying huddled inside for the whole season long.

Consider a Flu Shot

Although there are some people who cannot get flu shots and they are not always highly effective some years, it might be helpful to consider getting one. That is because having a flu shot can help build up an immunity in your system. If you work around people who cannot get the shot or you are around certain populations that might be prone to the flu, such as children or adults, this can prevent not only you from getting sick, but other individuals you are around, too. Even young children can get the flu shot, which could have the potential to help them avoid being overly sick during the winter season.

Dress for the Weather

This seems obvious to many people, but it goes without saying that preparing for winter weather is important. One of the best ways you can do this is to dress for the season by layering clothing and wearing the right outfits when you go outside. Having layers of shirts means you can easily undress if you are somewhere that is too warm. If you end up going outside, you’ll be covered sufficiently. The same goes for dressing when spending time outside. Having a lined coat or kids snow suits can prevent your family from getting sick, chilled, or experiencing frostbite. If your children end up spending more time outside, you can feel confident that they are warm and protected during their time outdoors.

Rest When Feeling Sick

Although many people feel the need to power through illness, rest has been shown to shorten how long sickness lasts for. If you notice your body starting to slow down and you simply don’t feel good, it is crucial to rest and take time for yourself. This could include taking a day or two off from work or school and cutting back on other responsibilities. Although doing so might seem like it is causing more hindrance than anything, the truth is that when you take care of your body and give yourself much needed time to rest, it speeds up the process, allowing you to get back to normal sooner. When you are out working or your children are attending school, it can be harder for anyone to be productive, and it simply increases how easily germs get spread around. Make time to rest and recover as needed, so you and your family can push through the illness and start feeling like your old self again.

There are many ways to keep you and your family healthy this winter. Consider getting a flu shot, so you can avoid getting sick, particularly if you or anyone you are around has a compromised immune system. Keep the weather in mind and always dress accordingly. Knowing how to dress and being able to easily change can help you in situations where it suddenly gets colder. This is especially true if you have children and want to help them stay safe and warm. Finally, if you do feel you or anyone in your family is getting sick, rest is the most important thing to do. This can help you or your loved ones bounce back from illness and start feeling better while giving your body the time it needs to build its immune system and get back on track again.

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