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Chia seed pudding
Jun 19, 2020

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Chia Seed Pudding🥄


Enjoying the heat of summers with this cool Ingredient with mangoes.


Apart from this, you will be astonish to hear about its health benefits.

🍽 if added to the weightloss programme it can be a powerhouse of fibre content and can make u feel full for hours.also low in calorie content.

🍽 it can replace the contents of eggs to meet your daily requirement of protein , fibre ,iron and calcium.

🍽 it has omega 3 Fatty acid and alpha-lenoliec very useful for weightloss.

🍽helps in treating cardiovascular diseases and cholestrol-due to high fiber content.

🍽 cure diabetes ,Digestion and helps in detox due to presence of antioxidants.

🍽 omega 3 helps it to fight heart disease as well. 🥣 most important helps to cure pcod/Pcos and regulate the hormones in female body effectively for healthy period cycle


Note 🚨 If you are on weight loss journey/ having it for pcod/pcos,Diabetes/Heart or cardiovascular problems have it in soaked form in water ,drink it when it become jelly like .

.otherwise ,

This in the picture is mango pudding made with 4 ingredients.

🥛coconut milk


🥄 chia seeds

And 🥭 2 large mangoes .

I have added cherries on top which were amazingly delicious in taste.


You can try this pudding for breakfast or mid meals 🥭🥭


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