5 Amazing Reasons to Get a Coat for your Dog
Mar 26, 2020

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One of the puzzling questions asked by pet owners is whether their dog needs to wear a coat or not? While many would adhere to facts that say, the coats should be made available for the furry friends; some would stay dubious over letting their dogs wear coats, jackets, or any piece of cloth, for that matter.

The worrying reality surrounding the coat discussion is how cold weather affects our canine friends. In the cold weather, dogs tend to shiver severely. That’s because many people think that their skins are the layers of defence, but fail to acknowledge the situations the dogs go through. The skin acts as a natural layer of coat for the dogs, but for little puppies, breeds with short hair and senior dogs may require the extra heat in the winter season.

Why are dog coats necessary?

One of the biggest compliments you would want your dogs to experience is the pure emotion with which they strive. In recent years, while dog garments have taken a significant shape in the market, it has become crucial for you to keep small, short-haired, and no-fur dogs safe and away from the wind and excruciating effects of winters. Breeds like Labradors, Chihuahuas, and Norfolk Terriers tend to get exposed to these elements.

Since most of the dogs cannot handle freezing temperatures, they might go through an uncomfortable phase and not feel content. As a result, their routine activities would get jeopardized. So, it is required for your canine friends to wear a coat to get extra warmth and protection.

If you are sceptical about the dog’s movements and fear that the coat might terminate his natural reflexes, do not worry, as high-quality dog coats are comfortable and light. But, there are five essential reasons as to why you should get a coat for your canine friend.

A dog’s age

Senior dogs suffer from many types of ailments that tend to reduce the normal heat their body produces. Another factor is the disease that the dog might be suffering from. One such condition is arthritis that affects a dog’s health even more in cold temperatures. In such situations, you can make your pet wear a snug coat for her to stay warm and safe from the harms of wind and cold environments. Always make sure that the coat does not hinder the natural movement of your dog and is completely comfortable and free. If you’re planning to move outdoors, opt for a waterproof coat, which is light in weight, and can keep your dog’s body warm and dry at the same time.

Keep cool in the summer months.

In summers, there are worries like overheating and uncomfortableness amongst your canine companions. That is because of the decisions we usually make while buying their coats and jackets. In summers, lightweight coats can be the perfect option.

Dogs that are shaved do not experience a natural way to insulate through their hair/fur. Also, light-coloured skin dogs exposed to harsh sun rays end up damaging their skins. Working dogs, however, wear cooling-light vests to keep their skin’s temperature fresh. To prevent your dog from sustaining skin damage, always go for lightweight coats.

A dog’s health is crucial

Cushing and hypothyroidism disease tend to affect a dog’s skin severely and impact their immune systems in a harsh way. Even though your dog has not experienced any illness before, her immune system might not be as secure as you think. Several senior dogs usually face such an issue. In these situations, even a moderate temperature indoors can make her feel cold and might make her shiver. However, you can help your companion by making her wear a lightweight-furry coat, which will keep her happy, comfortable, and warm. You can even get a warm coat outdoors and customize the coat by adding booties for her feet and a friendly little hood to keep the ears warm.

It depends on the breed

Along with the size of your canine companion, the breed plays a considerable role in determining the type of coat you might have to invest in. Since coats act as an extra layer of warmth, the long-haired breed might not require them as their skin and fur are naturally thick. If you happen to add another layer in the shape of a coat, they might overheat.

Long and thick-haired dogs are naturally built for cold environments and temperatures. The short-haired breeds, however, require the availability of an additional layer to keep them warm. Slender dogs, tiny ones like Chihuahuas are not built for cold weather. These dogs do not have the skin fat and body mass to keep themselves warm, so to protect them from such harsh and cold conditions, put them in a warm and light coat.

Sanitation is necessary

A coat determines the cleanliness of your canine. With the coat on, the dog will be less exposed to dirt and other natural elements around. Even if you plan on taking your dog on a routine walk, and she starts rolling all over the grass, the coat will make sure the negligible factors do not add up to her fur. In a way, an extra layer will inevitably bear the impact of an onslaught.

The bottom line

As a responsible dog owner, you should choose the right fabric, size, and weight for your dog to keep up with her natural attributes, abilities, and instincts. Moreover, there are additional factors you should consider before getting a comfortable coat for your canine companion. But, to understand why you require one, check the stated points and take some much-needed notes.

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