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Dec 19, 2019

You probably already heard a phrase that says “know yourself and thus you will know the Universe”… This dictation and its variations are known from Ancient Egypt, written at the entrance to the Temple of Luxor - one of the oldest and most famous Temples of Magic and Wisdom of Planet Earth.

It represents one of the great truths of life, serving as a guide to self-knowledge and to the search for our deepest truths: our reality is a reflection of how we are, think and act. For this reason, knowing yourself is the first step to achieving a full and abundant life!

In my last article, “Odus: Life and Destiny in the Cowrie Shell Divination”, I explained what the Odus - the Energies of Destiny - are and how they serve as a way for communication between us and the Orishas. Now, did you know that the Odus are also related to all areas of our lives, governing our choices and the way we live? I’m going to explain to you…

Unravel your soul and transform your life….

In addition to bringing the messages of the Orishas about the events of daily life and the orientations on how to solve the problems of our present and near future, the Odus that are revealed in the Cowrie Shell Divination also relate to our birth and determine striking characteristics in our personality and in the way we relate to people and the Universe.

Called “Birth Odus”, they influence our choices and decisions throughout your life, acting as if they were the signs of a horoscope, forming a complete Orishas Birth Chart. At the same time, in addition to the energy of the Odus itselves, each of them also relates to the Orishas of this energy path and receives influence from them for all aspects of your existence. Thus, two persons with the same regent Odu of their personality or their challenges and inner revolution, for example, will be influenced differently by the joint action of the Odu and the Orisha that manifest on it.

What if there was a way to unravel your soul and get to know the most intimate secrets of your personality?

That’s exactly what the interpretation of your Birth Odus does! Taking you to a real dip within yourself, the Birth Odus allows you to know and understand your love and relationship, to express yourself with people, to deal with your emotions and to face the challenges of Destiny.

With this, you´ll be able to better know yourself and understand the dynamics that the spiritual world has in your choices and decisions, taking decisions and actions in a more integral, conscious and intelligent way. By looking within yourself and discovering your Inner Universe, you can also count on the strength and help of the Orishas to ensure success and happiness to build a journey of self-knowledge, personal discovery and full victories in your life.

The deeper the look, the more it is possible to know the personality of each person and how it relates to the environment around them and to themselves. Have you ever thought about being able to better understand how the people you live with, the place where you live, and your family history interfere and influence your life - and how do you influence theirs?

In an even more detailed analysis, in addition to the six major Odus that define our personality and birth, it is also possible to identify the influence of the rulling Odus of the hour and minute of your birth, as well as the relation of all these to the energies that govern your place of birth or the city in which you live, the Birth Odus of your parents and family, among other combinations.

What you’ll find in your Birth Odus Assessment?

Each person brings with itself six main Odus that define their personality, their ways in life and the challenges that Destiny reserves for them. Imagine a human body … Basically, we are formed by head, two arms, two legs and heart - for each one of them, one regent Odu:

Identity and Personality (Odu Ori): this is the Odu that defines who you truly are, the way you express yourself before life and how you´re recognized by the outside world, indicating where and how you find happiness and meaning for your life;

Temper and Intellect (Oju Ori): the Odu that defines your most inner desires, your values ​​and ideals. It deals with the way you internalize and reflect on the issues of life and the Universe, as well as the way you set your goals;

Personal Evolution (Ikoko Ori): through this Odu it is defined how you walk the paths of life to your goals and the way you struggle to achieve what you want. In addition, it also advises on the difficulties that will be faced in the battles of life and the benefits that we will receive at the end of each journey;

Career and Opportunities (Apa Otun): it´s the Odu of practical and objective reality, of material questions, governing your rational aspects and the ways in which you utilize your intellectual capacities and your reasoning to grow. It´s also this Odu who gives the guidelines on the fields of study and professional activity favorable to you, the paths of financial and career development;

Emotional and Affective Life (Apa Osi): none of us can live live without relating to others and this is the Odu that governs your emotions and the way you relate to people - be it in a loving, professional or family matter. Through this energy it is possible to understand what is your way of loving and being loved, your sentimental and emotional self and the most subjective aspects of your life;

Life Struggles and Personal Revolution (Osogbo Ori): it is called “Negative Odu of Birth”, because it influences all the other Odus that govern your birth and is capable of turning all of them to their negative side. Determining which personal challenges you´ll have to overcome and the lessons to be learned on growing up, it´s this Odu who gives the direction to realize your inner rebirth, transforming difficulties into opportunities, nullifying carmass and overcoming traumas and negative characteristics of your personality.

Through African Numerology, your Birth Odu and other Regent Odus of your personality can be interpreted as an Orishas Birth Chart, serving as a powerful tool to discover your intrinsic qualities and learn the best ways to explore your potentialities day to day.

By evaluating your Birth Odus it is possible to perceive the positive and negative aspects that lead you to repeat behavior patterns that hinder and stop your personal, professional and emotional growth. By identifying these patterns it is possible to modify them, breaking the paradigms that bind you to these vicious circles of action-reaction to the problems and difficulties of your life.

I got a surprise for you!

As a form of affection and thanks for your company so far, I want to give you a special gift: the free analysis of your Ori Odu, the main energy that governs your personality. To do this, just access https://www.diegodeoxossi.com.br/meus-odus and fill in your data and I´ll send you the content by email.

In the following texts I will explain more about this topic, in particular about the Love and Relationships Odus Assessment. Through them it is possible to understand which are the energies that determine the spiritual combination of two people and govern the relationship between them, the factors of the outside world that influence the success of the relationship and the emotional aspects that need to be considered to eliminate conflicts and establish the good coexistence.

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