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20 Tips To Stop Fearing The Unknown

Apr 29, 2020
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Have you ever chickened out on something you really wanted to do? Were you afraid of unknown outcomes? I think most everybody has decided against something due to fear. But you might miss out on a great opportunity.

I didn’t go back to college until I was 30 years old. When I was 20, I made plans to move to California and go to CalPoly. But I chickened out. I wonder what my life would be like today if I had followed through?

Too many times in life we miss out on opportunity due to fear. I don’t regret where I am and who I’ve become today, but sometimes I wish I’d started my college education much earlier. There are so many ways to stop fearing the unknown. Let’s take a look at a few:

- take more chances in life.

- gain a new sense of courage.

- have a wider variety of experiences.

- find more peace.

- become wiser.

- be more comfortable with yourself.

- become more interesting to others.

- stop being uncertain.

- have healthier self-esteem.

- meet more people.

- make more friends.

- go to new and exciting places.

- feel more comfortable with others.

- fulfill more dreams.

- do things you never thought possible.

- find more motivation.

- be more productive.

- live with less doubt.

- love more freely.

- realize that everything is unknown.

How To Stop Fearing The Unknown Let go of control: The biggest reason for fear is our need for control. If we don’t face change head on, we keep ourselves within our comfort zone. We think have control over certain things in life. But here’s the catch. Everything is unknown. You don’t know whether or not you’ll wake up tomorrow morning, but do you fear going to sleep tonight?

Start with small steps: If you’re afraid of water, you don’t have to dive right into the deep end of the pool. Start in the shallow end. Get help from a swimming instructor. Set goals to go a little deeper each day. Before long, you’ll be swimming in the deep end.

Embrace the idea of risk: You’ll never reap the rewards if you don’t take a chance. Close your eyes and imagine where you’d be if you took the risk to speak in public. You might be able to tour the world and train others to overcome their fears. If everything is unknown, you really have nothing to fear. Try taking a little risk each day.

Know you can’t fail: Failure is an overused concept. I don’t accept the idea of failure. I believe that the act of trying is what counts. When you face the unknown without hesitation, you have already succeeded. Knowing that you really can’t fail as long as you try, gives you the motivation to move forward.

Step Into The Great Unknown So go ahead and do something you’ve never done. Take a chance by taking a step toward being a better and more courageous you. Remember, there’s really no reason to fear the unknown because nothing is certain. Everything is a risk. Be willing to live your life in a way that will make you and those around you proud.

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