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6 Things You Can Do To Self Develop Before College

Mar 4, 2020
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Graduating high school and entering college is one of the most exciting times you can experience. You’re about to embark on the rest of your life. Though many graduates are anxious to begin this chapter, others remain apprehensive. Some students aren’t ready to proceed directly into college life, opting instead to take a break. If you’re considering a buffer year before you start college, here are six great reasons to help you decide.

You’re Craving Something Different

Sure, high school has been great. You’ve got close friends and you know what to expect every day. As comfortable as that is, sometimes people crave something different in order to grow. You may feel like you want to break out of your shell and experience an adventure. If you can relate to that feeling of restlessness, then a year away before settling into yet another long-term routine might be the right choice for you.

To Learn Another Language

If you’ve ever wanted to learn another language, traveling to a different country is the best way. Perhaps you studied a second language in high school and now you want to build upon that, or maybe you want to learn an entirely new language altogether. Either way, a year immersed in a foreign country speaking a new tongue will help you become fluent. This can benefit you in your future career and also present opportunities such as volunteering or working remotely.

Travel Correlates With Your Studies

Depending on what field you’ve chosen to major in, you could benefit from taking a gap year after high school to gain added experience. This includes traveling out of the country to visit ruins, museums or any site directly correlated with your studies. Travel helps with careers in history, art, culinary science and languages. It’s one thing to read about these subjects and another to see them first-hand. You’ll be better equipped for the future when you live the experience.

To See What You’re Made Of

Do you like a good challenge? If you enjoy testing yourself to find your limits, spending a year abroad will show you what you’re really made of. A year in a different country is hard work and nothing will try you as much as an unforgiving bout of culture shock. You’ll need to leap over language barriers, differences in customs and learning how to take care of yourself in a very different atmosphere. You’ll return well-focused and ready for the demands of college.

You Know There’s More Out There

Some people just have a burning desire to see what’s out in the world, far beyond their own city. It’s often called “ wanderlust”, but it’s much more than a desire to travel. It’s also a yearning to explore traditions and why they exist. It’s the urge to see how other people live and why they believe what they do. This is perhaps the best reason of all to travel, and if you feel that fire inside, it’s time to consider a year away while you’re young and before the responsibilities of college are upon you.

Getting Away Is a Must

In some circumstances, a high school senior year can be rough. For one reason or another, a student may have had a particularly difficult time for personal reasons. While other students are excited to start college, others feel distressed and unsure of which field of study to pursue. A year away before making such important decisions can literally do a world of good. Not only will you find yourself, but you’ll find a lot of new, supportive people, too. You’ll gain far more than you ever bargained for by spending a year abroad.

You’ll Get Life Experience

There are a lot of different reasons high school students decide to spend a year away before giving all their attention to college courses. Traveling for a year and experiencing different civilizations can give you a tremendous amount of life experience. It will also add to your future endeavors in a positive way.

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