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7 Ways Crossword Help To Keep Your Memory Sharp At Any Age

Sep 17, 2019
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Our brain shrinks as we get old. As a result, you will start to notice that you cannot remember things like you did before as you age. At times, you cannot recall a familiar name during a conversation or miss an appointment because you forgot. Lapses in memory can occur at any age, and most memory losses experienced as we age reflect normal changes in the function and structure of the brain. The brain is an organ that needs to stay sharp always. Solving puzzles from the crossword 911 website, learning new hobbies, playing chess or reading are some of the ways to keep the brain sharp.

Spending a lot of time with a crossword has a significant potential to keep memory sharp. These are the main ways that crosswords help to keep the memory sharp at any age:

People Who Solve Crosswords Have Long-Term Memory

Crosswords help to improve the ability of your brain to recall. Games such as Sudoku require you to read a question and recall the answer. Therefore, you will need a lot of thinking to solve such games. When you become accustomed to playing them every day, you will realize that you have enhanced the ability of your brain to remember most things that you would otherwise forget. Moreover, the more you play crosswords, the more they become easy to solve because you learn a lot of information that you can use to solve a subsequent game. Therefore, the brain becomes very sharp when it encounters any problem that requires logic.

They Stimulate Brain Parts That Handle Problem Solving

Solving games involve finding a solution to a problem. Most of us begin a crossword and then abandon the game in the middle because we find it hard or could not solve any question. Well, games also require persistence, and you have to try harder to solve a puzzle or riddle. Once you solve even one game, you will feel very good and want to try another one. They increase your ability to solve problems because even when faced with an issue in life, you will not give up but struggle to find a solution. Games can make your memory sharp at any age when you encounter issues that require problem-solving skills.

Improve Attention and Concentration

Frequently doing crosswords could improve concentration and attention. At times, maintaining focus can be challenging, but you can take various steps to improve your ability to concentrate. Findings from one research show that people who engage in word puzzles have better brain functions even in later years. There is a link between the frequency of playing word puzzles and the accuracy and speed of performing tasks. These games help to enhance your concentration enabling you to perform tasks faster and more accurately. Making it a habit to solve one puzzle or crossword each day will help you to increase your concentration in other activities.

Preserve Cognitive Function and Memory

Mental workouts, such as crossword puzzles are the most effective methods to preserve cognitive function and memory. In fact, they are better than using medications. It is imperative to note that these positive effects of mental training can last for ten years in older adults. Therefore, both children and adults should try stimulating mental activities, such as playing cards or solving puzzles. Games like Sudoku may even be more effective than other puzzles in exercising the brain.

Can Speed Up Ingenuity

Puzzles are usually complicated and intricate. When you try one, you will discover that they bend your brain and force you to think outside the box. Solving such games daily is not an easy task and comes with a lot of errors and trials. Playing forces you to come with new ideas and check whether they are correct or not. This process of forcing the brain to solve problems and think smartly can equip the mind with creative capabilities. In the end, you become more creative and innovative.

You Learn New Words Daily

Learning new words and vocabulary can keep you sharp at any age. We learn something new every day, and playing crosswords allows us to learn complicated words. When playing these games, you may have to check the dictionary now and then to solve the puzzle. Ultimately, the game exposes you to new words. Improving your vocabulary is a crucial skill that everyone needs. Learning more and more words daily can help to make your brain sharp.

Improvement in Mood

It is hard to accomplish anything when you feel low and lacks motivation. Depression is a significant problem in the world that affects people of all age groups. If you feel depressed and in a bad mood all day, try crossword puzzle. Solving the game will give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It helps to release dopamine, which will leave you feeling serene, happy, and peaceful. It also boosts your confidence when facing real-life problems. When you are not feeling depressed, your brain is harp and ready to solve problems at work or concentrate better. Therefore, if you are feeling bored today, try solving a word problem or playing cards.


Our memory tends to grow weak as we age. However, you can change that, you can start playing crosswords today to help sharpen your brain and improve your concentration.

You can also involve yourself in drawing hobbies to enhance your mind’s creativity.

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