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7 Trending College-Going Outfit Ideas For Boys.

Sep 12, 2019
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After years of donning the regular boring school uniform each day, your school life has finally come to an end. The dawn of adulthood brings along a nascent sense of freedom. Sooner than you realize, you land up securing an admission in a college. The days fly past rather quickly, and your first day at college stands glaring at you in the eyes.

The days spent at college are, perhaps, the most happening days of an individual’s life.

Consider the significance of these days in framing your personality and life. Now when you put forth your first step in college, wouldn’t you want to leave an everlasting first impression in all the eyes watching?

On that note, are you wondering what to wear at college?

Well, for all the boys out there, we have got you covered.

Here is a list of 7 trending college-going outfit ideas for guys-

Cargo Pants + Plain T-shirt + Sneakers-

Did we just say cargo pants? Well, yes. The pants which ran out of style are back in fashion. From baggy fit to slim fit, there is an abundance of styles to choose from.

Pair them with a plain T-shirt and sneakers and you are ready to go.

If you find yourself bored of wearing jeans daily, hit the corridors of your college sporting these pants.

Joggers + Hoodie/Sweatshirt/Long sleeve T-shirt + Slip-On shoes-

Conventionally, sportswear includes joggers. But, jogger pants have diversified their domains and, are now redefining men’s casual wear. Joggers are in vogue.

Wear them with a hoodie, a sweatshirt or a long sleeve t-shirt and enter your college premises in style.

Plain T-Shirt + Denim Shirt + Jeans + Red Sneakers–

If your closet does not feature a denim fabric, it is incomplete.

If this list fails to include a denim outfit, it is imperfect.

And finally, if your college diaries miss out on casual denim shirts, they would be incomplete.

If you are in no mood for experiments, this look promises an attractive appearance paired with comfort. Don’t forget to add the red sneakers.

Tried and tested!

Black Leather Jacket + Plain White T-shirt + Blue/Black Denims–

Do we even need to state the glam and glitter of a leather jacket? If a man walks into a room in a leather jacket, he is undoubtedly going to fetch all the stares and glances. However, it can turn into a disaster if not carried well.

One of the most straightforward combos is wearing it over a plain white t-shirt paired with black/blue jeans.

Graphic T-shirts–

T-shirts, indeed, are forever and the popularity of graphic t-shirts is immeasurably high. The fact that makes them so appealing is that there is a t-shirt for anything and everything. From your favourite show to your favorite quote, it is all available in the form of these super crazy and cool graphic t-shirts.

Flannel Shirt + Jeans–

The fashion industry has witnessed the restoration of flannel shirts. Considering their immense popularity amongst the masses, it seems as if they never left the fashion conversations.

There is no single way to sport a flannel shirt.

You can wear it over a t-shirt or beneath a sweater. You can unbutton the shirt or button it up. You can roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeve shirt or choose one with short sleeves. It’s all about your comfort.

Wear a flannel shirt with a pair of jeans to pull on a smart and casual outfit in college.

Henley T-shirt + Trousers–

Have you been going to the gym lately? Do you wish to flaunt those extra muscles showing up?

A henley is the best pick for a subtle swanking of those workout hours. It is a collarless t-shirt with a round neckline lined up with 2-5 buttons. Pair it with a set of trousers and you are college-ready.

T-shirts might get too casual but a henley t-shirt is just the right amount of casual and comfortable bundled together.


While looking all dapper in these outfits, pairing them with little accessories would be a style statement. Caps, sunglasses, watches, wallets, and belts can complete your look.

Check out trending bead bracelets to make your look classy and a bit of sassy.

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In today’s world, fashion is an instant language. So, when eyes glance at you, make it worthwhile.

What are you waiting for?

Check out the Evergreen Accessories that Every Man should Own

& Start working on the revamp of your wardrobe to stand out in the crowd.

A new life awaits you in college. See you there.

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