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You can be aware even if you are in an environment of completely unaware people. You do not have to pretend being asleep just because of pressure or anything. You are not bothered by that.
Jun 3, 2020


It is more difficult to be aware and in the present, if you are surrounded by other people you care about who has a completely different mentality about this—driven by desire, anxiety, and other very base human drives.

Sebastian Key:

Why is it difficult? It is only difficult because you give the power of belief to your mind. It is not difficult until comes a thought saying “this is difficult” and you just believe in that thought, making it appear as if you are truly experiencing it as difficult. That thought is perceived, it is not you. You are not even seeing the truth at this point, you are already identifying with the mind, being unaware. You must simply be aware and determined to stay aware, and nothing will be difficult. See it as your only job. Perceive that which is perceiving.


I see them as imperfect individuals who are doing their best and love me.

Sebastian Key:

Why see them for something they are not? They might be ego-driven currently but their essence is pure love, pure consciousness, pure joy, pure compassion. The mask that they are putting should not affect how you see them. It makes no sense. You are basically putting on a mask your self and then judging them by their masks, as the ego does to its own projections.


Other days, however, I am more judgmental of them and it comes through in a negative way.

Sebastian Key:

You must be aware that you are not judgmental, and you can never be judgemental. To be judgemental means that you are doing something, which means you are doing the judging. That is not true, because the true being does not judge, it only effortlessly and naturally perceives. You are that which is perceiving judging, you can’t be the judging itself, nor the thinker of the judging. It is something that the self simply won’t do. The only thing that can be judgemental is a thought, once this thought is believed in by what you are (pure awareness) then it appears true. Thoughts that are anxious, judgmental appeared, and you decided to believe these thoughts to be yourself. You are not letting anything else other than these thoughts to flourish. You must discern between your self and the chattering mind within you. The chattering mind is very personal. Everything about it is personal. You must remain as the impersonal self.

Realizing yourself to be that which perceives the perceiving itself, will make life completely effortless. That which tries to do things with “effort” is itself perceived, it is not you. Anything that is anything less than peace, bliss, love, joy, compassion is perceived, when you perceive the perceiver itself, you notice that peace, bliss, love, joy, and compassion are all naturally radiating from that perceiver. Stay perceiving of that which is perceiving. It is not hard, it is very natural, it is a joy. You’ll notice how you will be literally present 100% of the day, whatever thoughts, emotions, or sensations appear, they are perceived also, you’ll be a light onto the world because what you are is truly light. We must simply stay in the place of our true position and seeing, not in the place of identification with thoughts. Even identification with thoughts is perceived. Perceive that which is perceiving, this will help you so so much. Whenever you expect an unconscious situation to appear, be in that place of perceiving the perceiving and do not let go of it.


I am grateful for this opportunity to practice patience and forgiveness with my family but also think I will personally develop and thrive more when I am away from them on an everyday basis, and be able to love them better.

Sebastian Key:

The mind makes you believe life is a practice. You are not here to practice anything, you are here to be purely the life that you are. You must simply exist as you are, and be aware (naturally, effortlessly you are and aware). If you are simply aware, everything will look and behave like heaven, simply because there is no identification with thoughts, emotions, sensations. Life is literally what you are. That divine love IS the life energy that you are. At all times. It can’t be anywhere else. It is being itself, and it is what you are.

The egoic-mind thinks “I will personally develop and thrive more when I am away”. That might be true, and it also might be that you won’t develop nor thrive. The self-realized does not develop nor thrive for anything. It is simply aware. The ego wants to develop and thrive, to show itself, to prove itself, but all of that is unnecessary suffering in your experiencing. You do not have to follow all of its plans and desires, you can simply stay as you are, at the place of perceiving the perceiver, you don’t have to do something and work all the time like everyone and everything wants you to. It is completely ok to just exist, enjoy the beauty and immensity that this vast universe is, just by doing this you are actually an infinite blessing to the world. It is encouraged for you to be the self. Every single thing in life will automatically be blessed by your presence.

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