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Jun 16, 2020

I have been reading on reddit, a lot of people encountering some paranormal stuff and I wanted to help out some people having issues.

When people are having issues with the paranormal, whether it be banging on walls, sudden cold spots, or even a general sense of “maybe I shouldn’t be here”. Then usually you should leave said spirit or entity is trying to get you out. Or just trying to scare you. Either way it’s better to leave.

But what happens when it’s in your home? Well then it’s time to get them out. Because it’s your space not theirs. If anyone is trying to scare you in your space that is unacceptable. Here are a few ways you can cleanse so that these entities/spirits will not bother you anymore inside your home.

1: grab a sage stick and burn it inside the home. Your intent should be to rid the spirit/entity and get it out. You can even chant “if there is any malicious spirits in this house you are not welcome, get out” it should work. Most spirits will listen.

  1. grab salt water. Put SEAsalt in water and take a cloth and wipe down your walls, ceilings and floors down with this solution. It helps get rid of anything negative in the home. Usually negative spirits are attracted by negative energy. The sea salt and water combo will clean the energy up and make sure the entity or spirit doesn’t feel comfortable in the home anymore.

  2. Mediatation: this helps a bit too but it’s not as easy as the two above. You imagine the walls being cleaning by an element of your choice. I always choose water, it’s the easiest for me. Imagine the water washing away any dirt or grime…

  3. you could also use crosses. This is for when there is a spirit that needs to get out because it’s making you or another uncomfortable. Not when your guide does something you don’t want them to do. You can grab the cross and say “get out, you do not belong here and I want you gone in the name of Jesus.” A lot of spirits that are malicious do not like Jesus. And you don’t have to believe in Jesus know that it will work if you believe it. Put everything you have into it.

  4. if you really think that this spirit is not going to leave and is violent. Get a priest. Most likely it won’t get this far. But I think it’s a good idea if you truely have nowhere else you can go. And nothing above is helping that much.

  5. THIS STEP is really IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!! For whatever reason if nothing is helping come to me…. if I can’t do anything about it, I know other practitioners that can better assist you. I know 3 different ones off the top of my head that has helped me grow on my path. They have been doing it for at least 10 years and I trust them to take on these things.

On a different note, I can do cleansing rituals on you or your home. And get them done for you. To make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’ve been cleansing for about 3 years. So I can assist you with it.

I hope this helps for people looking at trying to get their situation under control

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