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6 Tips to choose the right family health insurance plan in Ajman
Sep 29, 2020

A health insurance plan is an essential thing in modern times. People intend to buy a plan that offers maximum coverage to their families in times of need. As there are myriad insurance plans for the family these days, it is often confusing to pick the best plan for the family. To carry out in-depth research while reading the features of the policy, the limitations to it, the policy types, and its inclusions is a strenuous task. To avoid the nuisances involved in the process, people often end up choosing the wrong plan for their family without understanding the necessities and gathering enough information about the plan.

Before opting for a plan in Ajman, it is crucial to know the details of the plan very well and ensure whether it is a perfect fit for the needs of the family or not. Choosing a plan without investing time in knowing about it often brings a situation where people cannot reap the full benefits of the plan. To streamline the process of choosing a plan, here are some tips.

1. Right Policy Coverage:

The biggest reason why people choose a family health insurance plan is that it must cover a wide range of expenses. A plan offering pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization cover, critical illness cover, cashless treatment, in-patient hospitalization, ambulance charges, coverage on a range of medical problems, daily hospital cash benefit, and maternity benefits, etc is a right plan to choose. While buying medical insurance for the family, one must ensure that the policy caters to the needs of every member of the family who is to be insured. Considering the requirements and comparing the plans ensures that the family members won’t face any trouble at the time of making claims.

2. Waiting Period Clause:

The waiting period clause governs the time after which one can claim the benefits of the insurance plan. Most of the insurance plans cover maternity expenses, pre-existing diseases, and other specific treatments only after a waiting period of around 3 years in Ajman. The waiting period may vary for each of the plans. These plans cover maternity expenses usually after a time period of two years from the date of purchase of the policy. Check the waiting period after which the plan will cover the various expenses and choose a plan that has a shorter waiting period in comparison to others. This allows enjoying the full benefits of the plan.

3. Lifetime Renewability:

One must never forget to consider another factor while choosing a health insurance plan - lifetime renewability. One must ensure that he or she checks the number of years for which the policy remains valid. Also, check whether or not the plan offers limited lifetime renewability. This is mainly because one might feel the need for a health plan the most in the later years of his or her life. Choosing a plan that offers lifetime renewability will prevent the hassle of purchasing another policy after a certain age limit.

4. Flexibility:

While purchasing family health insurance, one must ensure that he or she can add a new family member. If a senior citizen of the family is not eligible for the coverage or passes away, then the plan must allow other family members to continue with the plan without losing the plan benefits.

5. Room Rent Limit:

The type of plan that a person chooses; decides whether the person will get a shared room, semi-private room, or private hospital room. One must try to choose a policy that offers a higher room-rent limit. This helps the person to avoid paying extra for the treatment expenses. A higher room-rent limit will prevent pinching of pockets of the person when the medical expenses arrive before them.

6. Co-Payment Clause:

The co-payment clause is the percentage that a person needs to pay from his or her pocket. The insurance company looks after the remaining expenses of hospitalization. If the policy has a 10 percent co-payment clause then the person will have to pay 10 percent of the total medical expenses while the insurance company will pay the remaining 90 percent as a part of the claim.

Using these tips will help a person to choose the right family plan and enhance the coverage benefits.

Synopsis: Choosing a plan without investing time in knowing about it often brings a situation where people cannot reap the full benefits of the plan, therefore it is crucial to know the details of the plan very well and ensure that it is a perfect fit for the family.

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