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10 Essential Things to Know About the Roof Rack on Your Car
Dec 13, 2019

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10 Essential Things to Know About the Roof Rack on Your Car

The roof rack on your vehicle is probably the main reason why you no longer select the kind of gear to carry when travelling. It is also the only vehicle accessory that ensures your comfort in terms of legroom whenever you are out on a field trip. But how well do you know the luggage carrier you are using? Below are the ten most important things you need to know about the roof rack on your vehicle. There is a chance that you had no idea about some of the highlighted details.

The roof rack has a specific weight limit

Most people think that the installation of a roof rack gives them the ability to carry everything they want regardless of the weight. That is not the case; the roof rack on your vehicle has a specific weight limit. It is among the safety tips of a roof rack that you have to consider the capacity of the system and avoid exceeding it. It can be 100Lbs, 150Lbs, or even 500Lbs depending on the luggage system.

You can use it to put up a rooftop tent

If you have a basket roof rack that is sturdy with a reasonable weight limit, you can use it to hold up a rooftop tent. You no longer have to worry about crawling animals and dew with such a tent. In case you have not been using it for such a purpose, you need to go ahead and start doing it now that you know its capability.

It can withstand harsh environmental conditions

You may be having a hard time installing your roof rack whenever you want to use it and uninstalling it once you finish. Well, you need to confirm with the manufacturers. It is because most roof racks come with a unique coat that keeps it from any form of corrosion. With such a protective layer, you no longer have to remove the roof rack from your automobile.

It comes with a technique that keeps it from making noise and experiencing wind drag

While some roof racks make use of noise deflectors, others come in an aerodynamic design to keep them from making noise avoid wind drag. That is the reason why they don’t make noise or slow down your vehicle. That is why most of them tend to have a low impact on the fuel you use.

It has accessories that can make it versatile

Many people underuse roof racks. This is because they have no idea that these roof racks have accessories that can amplify their functionality. To find out, you can go ahead and enquire from a store attendant if they have accessories to a specific model of a roof rack. These accessories make car roof racks be able to carry skis, surfboards, kayaks, and canoes.

The roof rack can provide a perfect spot to fit LED lights

So many people with roof racks have no idea that they can use their surfaces to hold LED lights. These lights play a significant role when it comes to camping. With them, you are going to keep your camping place well illuminated. That alone is enough to give you a clear view of your environment in case of anything.

It has unique straps to tie down the load

The roof rack should have straps, and if it doesn’t, you should go ahead and purchase them. These cords are available to help you tie down the load you are carrying and keep it from falling when travelling. Whichever rope you use, make sure it is not bungee rope. Using bungee ropes as a primary option is not allowed since it is unreliable.

It can protect your gear from elements

If you are using cargo boxes, then you should be aware that it can protect your gear from various weather aspects. These roof rack systems come in a unique design that allows you to open and place your gear inside. Once you do so, you can go ahead and drive freely without worrying about rains, intense sunlight, or cold. That is because none of those elements will affect your cargo.

The luggage system require maintenance

Among the essential things to note about roof racks is that they also require maintenance for them to work effectively. It is also one of the ways to ensure they last longer. Some of the things you may consider doing is cleaning them, greasing moving parts, tightening loose screws and avoid overloading them. With those maintenance tips, you are going to have your roof rack system in optimum condition at all times.

The roof rack has paddings to protect your gear

Those people who carry gear such as kayaks, canoes, and surfboards tend to be very protective of their equipment. That is why all roof rack systems come with paddings. These are used to prevent your load from getting any scratches when traveling. You should thus know that your cargo will be safe once you get to your destination.

Those are some of the most important things that you need to know about the roof rack on your vehicle. These points will not only broaden your understanding of roof racks but also tell you about its capabilities. One of the things you are going to learn from the above information is that roof racks are versatile.

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