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You are not seeing life, you are projecting life with your own thoughts and beliefs you were conditioned to believe in
Jun 3, 2020

You were conditioned to have certain thoughts, beliefs, emotions, sensations, imagination, desires, attachments.

Because of this, you “see” life through a limited perception of these believed concepts and ideas.

If you “see” life through these concepts and ideas, what are you actually seeing? You are seeing concepts and ideas.

You are not actually seeing life, you “see” what seems to be conditioned concepts and ideas.

How is it so that every single person can look at a car, and every single person will have a different opinion?

Which opinion is true? Whose projection is the most real? Well, the truth can’t be an opinion.

Life can’t be a projection of the ideas and concepts you are attached to. If you would use the basic intuitive sense of putting things together and seeing them for what they are, you would instantly recognize, that in fact, you see life through a projection of your conditioning.

You must recognize this and understand this, and not say “ok, so what, we believe what we believe, and this is my reality!”

This is just limiting your self and causing suffering for your self. Be honest for a moment, the egoic-mind can think whatever it wants to think but you should not take its thoughts as the truth. Because again, all these thoughts and beliefs are simply projections. You won’t be able to actually see what I am typing right now if you were to use logic and the mind to fathom what I am saying. Wait a moment. Slow down.

Don’t you want to be seeing clearly? Do you not want clarity, peace, joy, love, compassion to be natural?

Is there a reason to keep on believing we are not enough, that we need to achieve things in this life, that there is a purpose to life?

The initial thoughts automatically generated by your conditioning would be: “No, we must achieve things! We must progress! We must have evolution! We are doomed to suffer and we are destined to see life through this limited perspective.”

Do you really want to believe that though? I promise you it is not necessary to believe that. Just the fact that you are aware of these thoughts and beliefs, means there is something greater, something beyond these limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Life was not destined to be seen through this limited perspective, we are not monkeys anymore, guys, please, try and see this clearly. Try and slow down for a moment and actually see with awareness. Not just thinking anymore. Thinking is something that the old generations of humans were doing. There is no need for that. Awareness is the higher intelligence, and that awareness is what you truly are. You are not mere thoughts that come and are perceived by you. You are the awareness itself.

I know it might sound really out there, and that there is no way that all of what you thought and believed about the world is not true, but contemplate for a moment, are you really settling for the life you currently have?

Is it not worth to live this life we have, extraordinarily, with clarity, with peace, with joy, with compassion, with love?

You already know these things, deep in your heart, your true being knows these things. I am not talking to what you think you are currently. I see every single one of you readers as the manifestation of joy, peace, love and compassion itself. I do not see you through the illusions of the mind. I do not see you as what you have been forced and conditioned to believe. You are way beyond that. You and I both know that this is the truth. We are limiting ourselves daily and because of these pre-conditioned beliefs, we are not able to break out of it.

What should we do about it? How do we get out of this cage? How do we live life truthfully?

The first thing is to CHOOSE to live this life. It means no matter what your mind, your thoughts, beliefs, sensations, emotions, ideas, concepts, imagination, desires, and attachments says - Say “NO! I will not settle!”

You are worthy of a much greater, deeper sense of self, not just a limited thought and belief of what you are.

You are able to be the manifestation of the highest intelligence itself in this universe. The universe is not separate of you.

You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the whole ocean in a drop.

Again these things might seem out there, but this is what is outside of your conditioning. It is a bigger, clearer truth which is whole and complete, there is nothing to seek outside your self.

You must break all these generational conditioning that we have been carrying forever. Tell your self, seriously “I am the last of my family name to hold this conditioning. I will break it free and will make a better life for all the next generations”

Do you want your own children, grand-children to be filled with lies? Children and life itself is so pure, it is so innocent, it is so loving, peaceful, joyful, and compassionate, and we are going to fill it with egoic-mind concepts?

Enlightenment was also conditioned to believe it is something out of reach, something that is practically impossible, something only a few individuals since the start of the universe have achieved. Question this belief!

You are not other than these individuals, they simply were able to break free from their own conditioning.

Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and whatever enlightened person you are aware of, they all experienced life just like you. They were suffering, they had a lot of misconceptions, a lot of false knowledge and beliefs. But it is VERY possible to leave all of that behind, but you must choose. Choose consciously to not be better, but to embody the divinity of the universe.

The egoic-mind does not know such concepts as “divinity” and it will only say this is some crazy theoretical talk, but seriously! Do not believe such a limited mind, that is conditioned to think that there is no more innocence and beauty in this life!

Beauty and joy are not having a new smartphone, or even going out to nature, or doing different drugs, or having superficial interactions, or any other material thing you can find in the external reality.

True beauty and joy are inside our hearts. It is our nature. It is not something to seek, it is something we are, the egoic-mind simply won’t believe and accept this! Why? Because you already have set beliefs and you are not consciously letting go of them to see a greater, truthful reality. You take all the egoic-mind says, thoughts, believes, and imagines to be true, without questioning anything. Is this the kind of life you want to lead? I know you don’t.

You must see through these illusions of the egoic-mind which just wants you to stay in this cage and conditioning.

Why does it do this? Because the egoic-mind is a result of the identity you believe your self to be.

This identity is insecure, anxious, greedy, judgemental, selfish. It will not let you see the truth because seeing the truth means to do or see something that might make the egoic-mind insecure, anxious. It will trigger the natural defense mechanism and will bombard you with thoughts and emotions to distract you from living a better, clearer life.

Your nature is not to be insecure, to be anxious, to be greedy, to be judgemental.

Look at children. Are they any of these things? No. They are conditioned and grow up to be these things, because of the adults that forced these things on these children. Children won’t know to embody love, joy, peace. It is their nature, but if their parents, something they love more than they are aware of themselves, tell them to be a certain way, it is not that they won’t listen to the parents. They will stop listening to themselves. Do not let this happen.

Seriously life is so, so beautiful, so precious, so joyful, so peaceful, so divine, it is just that you can’t see it because you think and believe it already to be something else. If you look at something while already believing it to be a certain way, you will never see what it truly is.

What do we do with all of this information? Start being aware. Start consuming guidances from gurus and from enlightened people, and do not just interpret it how the mind thinks it is, actually see it with your own consciousness, without distorting anything. See it innocently.

Awareness is the true source of joy, love, happiness, and compassion. Awareness is all you need.

Look at your hand.

You are now aware of your hand.

Now be aware of being aware.

If you were to stay in this state, if you were to be aware of being aware at all time, very quickly all of your thoughts, beliefs, concepts, ideas, identity, sensations, emotions, attachments, and desires naturally fall away.

How does this happen? Because instead of identifying with the thoughts that appear in awareness, you are aware of the awareness itself. With making this your default way of seeing again (because you were born like this, you were conditioned to not see clearly), you are literally unconditioning your self from everything so that only That which is true is left. Only awareness is left. From this moment, your life will be bliss itself.

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