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When is humanity going to ask the biggest question; "Who am I?"

Jun 3, 2020
Sebastian Key
Core Spirit member since Jun 3, 2020
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You ARE freedom, the thing that is afraid is the person you have imagined yourself to be.

The person “you” are is merely an idea. It is not real at all. It is an idea in your head. Nobody knows that idea except you. From this, you can already understand that this is literally completely personal and has nothing to do with reality. It might seem real because you believe it to be real, but that is merely because you do not know what you actually are.

The reason this seems so scary is because once you face your self (The actual self, not the one you think you are) you will understand all of this has been a lie, merely an idea, a thought in your head, has nothing to do with the actual you at all.

We all know we have to face it. This is your heart speaking, this is the truth starting to pour out because it can’t contain itself any longer in this idea of a person who has anxiety, who takes everything personally, who is choosing fear over love.

Because of this, you are starting to burn up inside. All that you are not is starting to burn, and you realize you have to release it.

You are not afraid of releasing it, neither is the actual you afraid of what is going to happen.

The only thing that is afraid, is the idea of that person itself. The idea is suffering from its own projections.

So, what is it afraid of exactly? well, it is afraid of ceasing to exist. What will happen after you release it, is that it won’t exist anymore. It seemed to have existed this whole time, it really believed it did. To now release it and see it for what it is, means that sense of self that is identifying as a person will cease to exist. This means basically, it is a fear of death. It is not actual death, just an illusion though.

The person, the idea that conditioning seemed to have created, is afraid to die! It itself is projecting fear, trying to keep itself alive as much as possible because once you release it, it is over for the idea of who you think you are. So, understanding this, the actual you has absolutely nothing to fear, and only to gain the peace that you are.

Once you stop identifying as a person, once you overcome the person and transcend the person, you see what you are and what you always were and always will be, everlasting peace, spaciousness, spontaneity, truth itself. You might know it as “Universal Consciousness”.

Now, knowing all of this, you may proceed and release this person which is just a thought and totally not what you are, as you are the one observing this. You are the one observing all of this.

5 years ago you were a person X, now you are a person Y, and in a year from now, you will be a person C.

The person has changed, it is unstable, unreliable. What stayed though? The witness of all these persons that were created by the mind. You are the witness. You are never changing. You are aware of it all. Be aware of your self, the awareness of existence. Know who you are, and all the things you are not will seem so superficial (because they are) and you will have no problem at all letting them be while knowing that you have nothing to do with them, they may even keep on living, they have nothing to attach themselves to, as long as you know that you are not these thoughts, not these ideas, not these concepts.

You are the unknowable witness itself.

You can experience your true self right now, although your mind will not be able to fathom it, as it is beyond the mind.

Look at your hand.

You are now aware of a hand.

Now be aware of being aware.

That is the state of enlightenment. Pure consciousness. Pure awareness. That is what you are. You were just identifying your self as some limited idea that the mind has created based on its own conditioning since birth.

You are free.

Sebastian Key
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