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5 Effective Tips to Protect Your Mobility Scooter from Rain
Nov 5, 2019

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Many mobility scooters tend to have a shock of their lifetime whenever rain starts. It is because most of them barely think about rainy seasons when purchasing or using the scooters. Well, here are the facts. Rainy seasons tend to be challenging for mobility scooter users who don’t plan themselves. The equipment comes with fragile components that rain can easily damage. The big question is, how do you protect your mobility scooter from rain? Lucky you, below are five useful tips that are going to get you out of your nightmare.

Always store your scooter in a dry place

The first thing you should do before or as soon as you purchase a mobility scooter is to secure a storage area. The location needs to be very secure and completely waterproof. Any leakage can end up causing permanent damage, depending on where you are the water drips. In case your garage is leaking, and it is where you usually store your electric scooter, get a maintenance specialist to fix the roof. You may ignore the situation and find yourself purchasing a new mobility scooter. Don’t let one season make you spend a fortune replacing your scooter due to water damage. Appropriate storage can also winter-proof your mobility scooter, which is an excellent thing to do.

Purchase a mobility scooter cover

A scooter cover should be the first thing you purchase as soon as you get a mobility scooter. The cover comes with a unique design that helps you to protect both the scooter and yourself from the harsh weather. It is also the only thing that keeps the rain from getting in contact with some of the most fragile parts of the scooter. There are various cover designs that you can pick for protection.

You should, however, opt for a mobility scooter cover that comes with a metallic frame and gives your scooter a new look. These covers protect every part of the scooter and leave no room for damage. They also minimize the need for drying the scooter once you get home. All you have to do is store the equipment and go about your business. It is the best option for rainy seasons since you don’t have to worry about surprise rains.

In case of surprise rains, dry every part of the scooter

Sometimes rainfall starts without warning. In case it does so, and there is nowhere to shade, you can dry home under one condition. Once you get there, dedicate your time to drying the scooter completely before water damages specific areas. You should also take it for inspection the following day to ensure it is not having any issues. Remember, thorough cleaning of your scooter after coming from the rain can go a long way in protecting the scooter from developing further problems.

To do so, use a clean and dry cloth to clean any upholstery, including the seat. Go ahead and dry the battery and finish up by wiping the other parts. Cleaning your scooter is one of the best ways to prevent it from getting early corrosion. It is the perfect solution for those seniors who are always finding themselves in the rain. So, is it ok to ride a scooter in the rain? The answer is No, but in case it happens, take the above caution to prevent your scooter from any damages.

Seek shelter as soon as it starts raining

Another way you can protect your pride mobility scooter from rain is to seek shelter whenever it starts raining. Such a scenario mostly happens to individuals with four-wheel scooters. They tend to ride further from home, and sometimes they find themselves riding their mobility scooters in the rain. It is thus essential to seek shelter until the rain stops then head back home. A mobility scooter has components that should never get wet. You can also avoid taking your scooter outside whenever the weather is unfavorable.

Keep with you a sizeable umbrella

To keep the fabric on the chair from getting wet is to always bring with you a sizeable umbrella. Make sure the umbrella is large enough to cover both you and the chair. You, however, need to have a plastic bag to cover the controls of the mobility scooter. Those two are enough to minimize the rain on the scooter and protect the chair from becoming wet. Remember, the upholstery is one of the hardest parts to dry on the mobility scooter. Once it touches water, it can lead to rusting of some other scooter parts too and breakdown the scooter. So make sure you protect any vital parts as much as possible. You can also maintain your mobility scooter by:

- Keeping the battery always full.

- Taking the scooter for regular servicing.

- Unclog the wheels from time to time.

By doing so, you are going to protect your scooter all year round regardless of the season.

Those are so far some of the best ways to protect a mobility scooter from rain. Every scooter becomes vulnerable in the rainy season. You should thus take precautions and protect it from the harsh weather. Try and purchase the scooter cover if possible, and build it a pleasant and leak-proof shed. Any step you take towards protecting your mobility scooter lengthens its lifespan a great deal. It is thus the only way to ensure it serves you for as long as possible.

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