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4 Things to Know About Copper Roofing
Mar 23, 2020

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From the pre-historic times, copper roofing was very prevalent amongst all buildings and domes. Many positive reasons back to it. Since the dawn of time, most of the architects, roof builders and constructors of ancient times preferred copper roofing, owing to its durability, well-established, and elegant looking roof structure. Although copper roofs are expensive to install, they come out quite cost-effective in the long run. Even with an extensive renovation, the roof remains in the same condition, through ages. Irrespective of any building type, right from church, castle, medieval cathedral, or a personal house, copper roofing stands the best option. In recent times, many house-owners and architects prefer copper roofing than other materials. It is arguably the best option available on the market. A copper roof is durable, reliable, and attractive-looking. Read below the four essential aspects concerning copper roofing for a new or renovated build for your living space.

· Light-weight and easy installation

Any copper roofing is light-weight, and any building structure supports the same. Its weight is significantly less as compared to the concrete or slate roof shingles. The installation is easy as well, but you should hire professional roofers. There are many professional roofing agencies, who will be the best guide over the copper roofing. Its light-weight characteristics help in easy installation, and the requirement of additional materials and labor is also less. These premium roofs are a forever roofing, as they don’t corrode or rust and are easy on maintenance, without any hidden cost.

· Fire and water-resistant, environment-friendly

Copper roofing is fire and water-resistant, along with being one of the environment-friendly roofing options. It is anti-microbial also, making the same as a fruitful choice for house-owners. All these positive aspects are like icing on the cake. In today’s world, with the outrage of global warming, the recyclable feature of copper roofing makes it a better choice. It always tops the list of materials used for house roofing purposes.

· Durability and longevity

There is no better option than copper roofing when the question of durability and longevity arises. And it a proven fact. All around the world, many medieval buildings testify this fact. Copper is strongly resistant to fire, hail, and mild-dew. ‘Penny-metal lid’ is another name of the same.

In comparison with an asphalt roof that has a life of not more than 15-20 years, copper roofing can last for centuries.

· Aesthetic Appeal and beautification

The buildings and domes donning copper roofs give out an amazing aesthetic appeal, apart from their longevity and durability. They are like wine, which only looks better with time. Copper roof covered with green patina on its surface only increases its outer beauty. A copper roof panel has separate roof-panels sheets. Also, the diamond-shaped copper-roof shingles are ones readily available in customized sizes. They have a standardized width, which can be very easily installed by hand, and beautifies the entire outlook of the building.

Copper roof cleaning and color preservation

Copper roof cleaning has various means and ways to restore its natural copper appeal. There are ways of preserving the shine of any copper roofing. After a certain period, coat the entire roof with polyurethane lacquer. It helps in protecting the shine better, giving it a new look. It prolongs the oxidization of the copper roof. And it also postpones the natural green color, coming after oxidization. Many certified roofing agencies cater to cleaning the same or replacing it. Options are many, and most house-owners prefer hiring a professional roof cleaner for the same.

Final Thoughts

Copper roofing is becoming popular in the category of metal roofing. And it is for good reasons. The blue-green shade complements the house exteriors and gifts it with a classy and unique taste. Its exceptional strength, safety, and durability make your heavenly abode a beautiful, yet sturdy looking one. The above discussed are four distinct advantages related to copper roofing. It caps the buildings in a premium manner. Apart from these discussed positive aspects, a copper roofing gives out low thermal movements, once rightly designed and installed. It thus provides high-value retention, giving your house a higher real-estate valuation. So, take a stoic decision and turn your living habitat into a smart one.

Author Bio: Ross Geller Is an Interior Decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating an aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone. He focuses on sharing ideas and techniques learned from his experience as an Interior Decorator in a concise manner so that it can be used by everyone to make their surroundings beautiful to live in. Currently, He’s working with Roofing Contractors

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