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How To Make Cannabis Oil For Vaporizing

Dec 16, 2019
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Nearly 5 decades back, marijuana inhalation in workplaces was considered taboo but with its legalization in many US states, cannabis is widely used in public as well as workplaces for recreational and medicinal purposes. Nowadays, weed is taken through e-cigs or vape pens: the trendiest and largely used medium. Further, it has been observed that vaping is much safer than smoking; nonetheless, it can still cost lung damage. Well, vape pen used for marijuana inhalation needs THC oil also known as THC vape juice is rather an extensively expensive product; that’s why usually homemade THC oil is preferred because of its affordability. So, if you have your own cannabis grown in your backyard, you can easily prepare your own THC liquid for vape pleasure.

Common DIY Methods To Make Cannabis Oil For Vaping:

These are basic 2 recipes you can follow to make your own DIY cannabis oil:

1. Vegetable glycerin extraction

2. Rosin extraction

Vegetable Glycerin Extraction Includes

For Vegetable glycerin extraction, use the following ingredients:

· Cannabis flower bud (6-7 grams)

· Pure USP food grade vegetable glycerin

· Baking sheet

· Aluminum foil

· Oven

· 2 mason jars

· Stirring wand or ladle

· Wire mesh strainer

· Flexible rubber spatula

· Cheesecloth


First of all, grind high concentrated THC cannabis bud coarsely yet in asymmetric shape so that you can extract maximum vape juice. Now take a baking sheet and spread the raw pieces of cannabis onto the sheet and cover it with aluminum foil. Place the baking sheet in a preheated oven and bake these buds at a temperature of 250®F for about 30 minutes. Remove the tray from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes.

The process is significant as it decarboxylates ground cannabis into psychoactive THC. Pour these ovens dried cannabis buds into one of the mason jars and pour pure USP food grade vegetable glycerin in the right amount, making all buds completely saturated. Shake it well and close the lid of the jar and keep it in a cool, dark, dry place over a month. After a month, add one tablespoon of fresh VG, stir the material and put it again in the same place for another month. After the second month passes by, take the jar out, add another tablespoon of fresh VG and stir the mixture thoroughly. Make sure you keep on stirring the mixture very on and off without removing the lid of the jar. It will help infuse weed buds into the VG efficiently.

After three consecutive months, bring the jar out and stir the mixture with a ladle. Now use a wire mesh strainer to strain all mixture into another mason jar. You can use a flexible rubber spatula to squeeze every single drop out of the mixture. Pour the extracted mixture onto layers of cheesecloth and let it drip through into a clean glass jar.

Now your homemade clean vape juice or cannabis oil is prepared for you to fill your e-cig cartridge.

Rosin Extraction:

If you are looking for the most aromatic, potent and safest vape juice, then Rosin extraction is the best THC oil you should use for vaping.

The ingredients you need are:

· A hair straightener

· Dry cannabis herbs 4g

· 1g bottle of Potion Natural Terpene Solution

· Parchment paper


Use a thick dense weed nugget without any seeds or stems so that you can have 0.5-0.6 g rosin on parchment paper. You need a hair straightener to pull rosins out from weed nugget. Keep the freshly weed buds on parchment paper making it a sandwich; now press preheated hair straightener against the paper until you acquire 0.3g of rosin.

This method is quite tricky and if you are doing it for the very first time you may feel exhausted but eventually, you will learn it. Once you collect your desired amount of rosin, pour them into a glass vial. Pour 7-8 drops of Potion natural terpene solution to the vial and heat the glass until the mixture starts bubbling up. Mix the solution thoroughly and fill your vape pen accordingly to inhale the best vaporizer you have made by yourself.

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