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Preparing Your House for Your Family
Mar 13, 2020

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As you move houses or prepare to welcome your first child into your home, you want to make sure that your home environment is ready for children. Follow these steps to ensure that your children will be as safe and healthy as possible while at home.

Cover All Outlets and Store Electronics Safely

Having multiple outlets is essential since you have so many electronic devices and machines. While these tools are useful, they can also pose an enormous safety hazard to children. Cover all outlets with furniture or with caps that you can purchase at a hardware store. Keep cords out of reach of children and replace any that are frayed. To teach your children early about the importance of limiting screen time, consider storing your TV in a case with doors. This will also prevent the TV from shattering if someone throws a toy.

Encourage Nature Inside Your House

Electronic lights are important for seeing each other and reading at night. Still, you should encourage natural light inside your house by opening the curtains in the daytime. When possible, leave your windows open to let the air enter. Not only will your house smell nicer, but you will also decrease the number of germs inside. Instead of plastic plants, purchase real ones to freshen the air and teach your children about nature. If you have pets, make sure to purchase dog safe indoor plants so that you do not create a health hazard.

Replace or Move Breakable Items

When you have children in the house, some of your things will get broken. You can reduce the number of times you’ll have to pick up broken glass if you swap your breakable furniture pieces for sturdier ones. For example, you should replace your glass coffee table with a wooden one. If you do not want to get rid of your breakable possessions, store them somewhere your children will not go. While it may be a hassle to move your beautiful belongings, recognize that they will create a hazard for your children if they shatter. Additionally, your children will be more comfortable if they can run or crawl freely.

Store Poisonous Materials Securely

While you might not think about it, you probably have dozens of poisonous items in your house. These include chemical cleaners, medications and soaps. You can still use these items when you have children. However, you need to be sure that they are always stored in closed cabinets that are secured with child-proof locks. Do not just assume that each child-proof lock will work for your children; as they get older, they will probably figure out how to open them. When you use a chemical cleaner, make sure that it does not get on the floor or anywhere else that your child might ingest it.

Develop a Meaningful Family Environment

Creating the best environment for your family does not just mean child-proofing your house. It also means taking the time to make your family feel at home. Hang pictures of your family on the walls in every room. Include photos of your extended family, particularly if they live far away. If you are religious, have artwork related to your religion on display so that your children understand from a young age how important your faith is to you. When your children produce art projects, hang them on the refrigerator or on a clothesline in your kitchen. Include their books on bookshelves in your living room so that they know that their books are just as important as yours. Develop rules that help make rooms in your house special. For example, you might say that no phones are allowed in the living room to demonstrate how important family time is.

As you set up your house, it’s easy to become stressed over creating the perfect environment for your family. However, if you ensure that your children are safe and that they know they are loved at home, then you have succeeded.

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