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Mar 16, 2020
Sandra Larson
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As parents, we are our children’s first and undoubtedly the most influential teachers. In fact, when parents get involved in their children’s course and schoolwork, statistics show that the children end up doing better and even enjoy attending classes. What’s more, studies also demonstrate that the role of a parent is much more significant to the success of their child in school than any other associated factors that are known to contribute to their school success.

There are several ways through which parents can support and help their children succeed in school. To give you an idea, here are some simple yet effective ways to get you started!

1. Establish Parent-Teacher Partnership

Once the school year begins, make time to meet your kid’s teacher. Explain to the teacher that you want to assist your child in learning, and arrange that the teacher contacts you in case of any problems with your kid. This way, you will understand the state of your kids at school, and you can keep tabs with the progress. Moreover, you can talk with the teacher to learn a few tips on how to help your child.

Finally, you can also start attending parent-teacher conferences and school meetings. With this, you can form a partnership with both the teacher and the staff in your child’s school, and demonstrate to your child that you are interested in their school work.

2. Demonstrate a positive attitude about education

As parents, what we do and say in our daily routines can assist our children in developing a positive attitude towards learning and school and also build their confidence as learners. Demonstrating to our children that we value education and utilize it in our lives is a powerful model for our kids, and it contributes significantly to their school success.

Moreover, when we show interest in our children’s education, we effectively spark enthusiasm within them and help them understand that learning is both enjoyable, rewarding, and worth the effort.

3. Create a conducive learning environment at home

One of the best ways of supporting children and helping them succeed at school is by creating an appropriate environment within our homes that supports learning. You can do this by setting aside a particular study space. What’s more, besides this, you can also establish a regular timesheet indicating study time, as well as remove any distractions like the television and phones during study time.

Similarly, you can also assist your child in getting organized, by supplying the necessary materials, in addition to assessing your child’s schoolwork and monitoring to ensure they actually complete their tasks. Ideally, this will demonstrate your interest in their studies, and help them establish a routine and consistent study plan.

4. Apply for special homework/school projects assistance services if necessary:

Homework and school assignments play a critical part in the overall development of your child, as well as their final grades. Therefore, you must communicate with your child about the importance of completing assignments and doing their homework.

However, if you identify that your child is struggling with their homework, or with general learning, you can always make an effort to assist them in getting better.

Alternatively, if you find it difficult to assist your child with school projects or homework, you can always find someone else to help. Luckily, these days, help is available everywhere including online where all you need is to browse the internet, and you will be surprised at how many options pop up, asking you to ‘ try this website’ or ‘check out our services’.

Finding homework or school work help for your child can help them identify their problem, and effectively work on getting better in their studies, with the assistance of a professional.

5. Help your kids prepare for tests.

As you already know, tests play a vital role in determining the overall grades of all kids at school. In most schools across the globe, students will have occasional standardized tests purposed to assess their progress and decide on their final grade.

Unfortunately, no matter how good a child is, failing to prepare appropriately can significantly affect how they ultimately perform. As such, exam preparation is a MUST for success in school, and while many assume that this is the role of the child’s teacher, he/she may be caught up in preparing the test and not have ample time to do so.

As a parent, there are several ways that you can use for supporting children both before and after they take their tests. Besides doing revisions together, you can also teach them how to get organized, setting goals, and even rewarding them when they perform well in the tests.


School plays a vital role in shaping the future of our children, and parental involvement in their learning and education has a positive impact on the overall academic performance of our children. Statistics show that children whose parents are actively involved in their education tend to achieve better grades, have better attendance records, and boast a higher school completion rate. Therefore, parental involvement is critical, and with these few tips, you should be ready to go.

Good luck!

Sandra Larson
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